Winds of Change – 1 Year Ago In Sumo

It’s Sunday, maybe you have some free time and you are a sumo fan. I have been missing some of my favorites, who have faded from the top division. So I am going to share this 22 minute long example of just how much sumo has changed since Osaka last year.

Sumo is always evolving, but this was in fact a monumental turning point for the sport it seems.  A year later we can see recognize the seeds of change in this video.  The triumph, the defeat, the raw emotion

Behold, The Giant Macaroon Of Victory!


Among the yusho prizes is this giant macaroon (macaron) which is awarded to the victor.  On this auspicious occasion, it is green.  I imagine you saying “But Bruce, surely that is just a plastic model!”. But I have it on good authority, that the ones awarded to Kisenosato were eaten before the yusho parade.

Hakuho’s Zensho Yusho


Nobody Does It Better.

Completing his sweep this morning, Hakuho went undefeated for Natsu, finishing his championship run with a perfect 15-0 record. It’s a stunning achievement, and the 38th championship victory for him.

I have called him “The Michael Joran of Sumo” in the past, and his performance during Natsu simply underscores that comparison. His balance between strength, speed, technique and showmanship is unrivaled in any Yokozuna I can remember. As a sumo fan I feel privileged to be alive when he was fighting fit, and even so luck as to see him live at the Kokugikan, which is ringed with his yusho pictures.

His match against Harumafuji was excellent, in spite of Harumafuji’s obvious and limiting injuries. Harumafuji pushed hard to gain control out of the tachiai, but Hakuho took his time and worked to secure a belt grip on his challenger. Once he had that secure, it was all Hakuho.

Tachiai congratulates “The Boss”, it was really nice to see the greatest Yokozuna of our day reign supreme again.

初場所 2016, 15日目: Kotoshogiku Yusho

WP_20160124_10_11_28_ProApologies for the late update. I was up to watch the final day but internet was out. I live near DC and we’ve been having a snowstorm the past few days. I was upset not being able to watch live. Thanks to Kintamayama, I was able to watch just now.

It’s official, we have the first Japanese yusho in 10 years. I’m excited for Kotoshogiku and for the sport. Hopefully this will spark more interest among Japanese – and Kotoshogiku. He’d not had a good 2015, starting the year kadoban after 6 wins in November 2014 and then going kadoban again after the May tournament. I’m hoping for consistent double-digit wins from him and ozeki-worthy performances.

I’m concerned for Goeido. He was only able to pull out four wins and is kadoban for the third time in his short ozeki tenure. He’s had 1 tournament with 9 wins and 5 where he’s scraped by with 8.

Terunofuji Buys New House For Trophies

I’m obviously kidding. A Japanese house couldn’t fit all this.


The banner that will hang in the stadium, amongst the Hakuhos

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