Jungyo Trail

The “Jungyo” is a public relations and exhibition tour for the top, professional ranks of sumo wrestlers. Herouth wrote a fantastic introduction to jungyo last year and I recommend anyone and everyone to give it a look, even if you’ve read it before. These events give sumo fans around Japan and occasionally, around the world, an opportunity to watch their favorite wrestlers in action. And the visualization below should give fans a good picture of how much ground these tours cover.

The tour map starts with the 10/5 date as described in Herouth’s Jungyo report.

There are two controls on this visualization and I will probably eliminate one based on what works best. You will see a dropdown box with dates (in Japanese). You can select the date from there or you can move the slider and watch the Jungyo path plod its route through the country. You can also click on any of the dates in the table below the map to see the location. I’m not sure why the web version doesn’t seem to allow the animation that I have in my version but I will work on that.

Above is an interactive map plotting the current Jungyo. This fall I will be working in the backend to include previous tours that will be selectable via dropdown. Ideally the table at the bottom would allow you to click and go to the Jungyo Tour report for that day but I’ve still got some kinks to work out. If you mouseover the URL column, you’ll be able to select and then copy-and-paste the URL in your browser. Sorry for the clumsy hack. Another way is to move the slider or select the particular day from the dropdown and click on the link in the Tool Tip. If you have any questions, leave a comment or yell at me on Twitter @tachiai_blog and tell me, “your Jungyo Trail visualization isn’t working.”


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