18 thoughts on “Kakuryu kyujo as of day 6

  1. Always surprises me how some wrestlers can do so well in practice and at the soken, and then not be able to perform in the basho…

      • As someone who ended up with back spasms because I reached for a pen, it really could have been anything. It’s really easy for me to forget that the joints of a rikishi are always under stress because of their extra weight and I imagine their ankles really take a beating.

        • The back is tricky. Mine went out twice…both times picking up my son. Well, ankles and knees are, too…as Mitakeumi showed.

  2. Bummed…he’s the only Yokozuna I’ve ever seen win in person (2-0) compared to 0-1-1 (Kisenosato) and Hakuho (0-1-1) and have a soft spot for him…I really hope 2019 isn’t his swan song.

    • I know what you mean. I saw Harumafuji win in Nagoya with a senshuraku showdown with Hakuho. It was awesome and I’ve had a soft spot for the horse ever since.

  3. Annoying, as I’ll be there today with a friend and would have liked another dohyo-iri (and potentially to have been able to see purple rain)

  4. I was mulling a “highlight matches to watch on day 6” post, but honestly, there aren’t many exciting matchups, especially with Kakuryu vs. Hokutofuji off the torikumi. I’m sure we’ll see exciting sumo, it’s just that none of the pairings are exactly highly anticipated, given the performances to date.

  5. How long before we have to start the Kakuryu intai watch? I imagine that he will have a lot less rope to work with than a certain other Yokozuna received.

    I hope he continues his career for a while. Although he is definitely my second favorite active Yokozuna, he is among my top 10 favorite rikishi, so I root for him to get better and come back stronger (just not strong enough to beat my favorite rikishi).

    • Well, Mainoumi speculated today that Kakuryu will get the “encouragement” ruling from the YDC at the end of this basho. if so, I guess the next basho will become a make-or-break basho for him.

      I also wish him good health. He has been my favorite Yokozuna ever since my previous favorite found an uncalled for usage for a karaoke remote control.

    • We’ll have to see how past performance plays into it. Kakuryu won two yusho last year and was the “anchor man” for the top division all of last year.


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