Takanoiwa Intends to Retire

Takanoiwa will announce his retirement from sumo following the latest beating scandal. Former Takanohana oyakata stated his disappointment with Takanoiwa. 言語道断 (gon’go do dan) is a four-character phrase that approximates “speechlessness” because it’s so outrageous that it’s difficult to express. There is an intense irony that Takanoiwa is the first case to be pursued after the Kyokai’s October implementation of its new anti-violence policies. Perhaps this finally draws a line in the sand for the Harumafuji incident?


Happy Thanksgiving!
Technology is awesome, ain’t it? Last evening I was chilling with my family, streaming Avatar since we’d yet to see it, when my phone buzzed. It was a Twitter notification:

It hit me that I just can’t imagine how I survived the 80s. I didn’t have email until the 90s or a cellphone until ‘03. Most of my music was on cassette, not even CD. We didn’t even have cable back then. Well, I guess I don’t have cable now, either…
But with this internet thing, holy cow. We’re able to send pictures around the world and share experiences and stuff we’ve learned with people thousands of miles away.