Heya Profiles

I’ve updated the stable profiles visualization. This focuses on the stables. I will add individual wrestler data later as I build it out. Aside from mapping the stables, I hoped to give a bit of context regarding the size of the stables and the success in March. At its core is the table, which lists all of the stables and provides various metrics on the size, performance, and the distance from Kokugikan.

Thinking of Josh’s recent article, I realized that as parents, one indicator that means a lot to us is the student/teacher ratio at our local schools. To give a sumo-relevant spin on the metric, I’ve decided to base my student/teacher ratio on the number of wrestlers over the number of coaches. Each stable obviously has at least one coach, the stable master. Kasugano-beya has a staggering 7 coaches to its 18 wrestlers.

Above the table, I’ve got a map of the stables on the left and a visualization on the right that gives a comparative look at the size of the stables. There’s a dropdown on top of the visualization that will allow the user to choose one of three metrics for color-coding. By default, I’ve set it to the kachi-koshi ratio from May. Surprisingly, Oitekaze-beya, home to Daieisho, Tobizaru, Tsurugisho, Endo, and Daiamami, had a disappointing tournament. Only 1/4 of the wrestlers were kachi-koshi. In makuuchi, only Endo had a winning record.