Wakichiro Loses Day 14


Texas sumotori Wakaichiro was defeated in his day 14, final match, against Asamorimoto. Wakaichiro finishes the Kyushu basho with a disappointing 1-6 record, and we will likely see him return to the Jonidan ranks for the January tournament. His fans and followers wish Wakaichiro a vigorous recovery, and a renewed fighting spirit in the Hatsu basho, and look forward to his push to return to higher ranks in 2018.

Wakaichiro’s Final Match – Day 14


American sumotori Wakaicihro goes into his final match of the Kyushu basho, with a 1-5 record. He faces Sandanme 74 Asamorimot on day 14, a rikishi of similar height and weight. After spending many tournaments in Jonidan, he is now fighting at his highest ever rank.

This match represents Wakaichiro’s final opportunity to improve his record for this tournament. We will publish the results as soon as we know them.

Wakaichiro In Action Day 12


Day 12 in Fukuoka sees American sumotori Wakaichiro return to the dohyo for his 6th match of the Kyushu tournament. Coming into day 12, Wakaichiro has a 1-4 record, with an outlook for a lower rank in January. But there are two matches remaining (one of them today) and his final score will determine the severity of his demotion, and if he will remain in the Sandanme division.

His opponent for day 12 is Tokitsukaze heya’s Miyazaki, a relative newcomer who has been ranked as high as Sandanme 59. Miyazaki is a bit shorter, and quite a bit heavier than Wakaichiro, and will likely provide him with a stiff challenge. As always we will bring you news of the match as soon as we have results, and if we should come across any video, we will share that as well.

Go Wakaichiro!

Wakaichiro Loses Day 9 Match


Monday morning in Kyushu saw American sumotori Wakaichiro lose to Asakayama beya’s Kaiseijo. With this loss, Wakaichiro has at least a minimal make-koshi, or losing record. This means that in the January tournament he will appear at a lower rank, but not necessarily back down in Jonidan.

From the start of his sumo career, Wakaichiro has had kachi-koshi in each of his tournaments except the first. But the experience and strength of the rikishi he has been facing in Sandanme have been significantly higher, and some additional training and possibly size will be needed for him to take the next step up the sumo ladder.

Wakaichiro will likely return for his 6th match of the Kyushu tournament on day 11.

Wakaichiro Loses Day 8 Match

Texas sumotori Wakaichiro lost his day 8 match against Daishowaka, falling to 1-3 and getting closer to earning a make-koshi, or majority loss record for the Kyushu tournament. In the video above, which appears thanks to commenter and friend of Tachiai Nista, Wakaichiro puts up a good fight but gets into trouble when he focuses on pulling his opponent down. As a result, Daishowaka takes advantage and controls the match to its conclusion.

If Wakaichiro fails to secure 3 additional wins during his final matches, he will face demotion for the Hatsu basho in January. As Wakaichiro fans, we are all rooting for him to overcome, but we should all keep in mind that with his elevation to Sandanme, the level of competition has increased significantly.

Wakaichiro’s 4th Match: Early Day 8


Tachiai’s favorite American rikishi, Wakaichiro (若一郎), returns to the dohyo on Sunday for his 4th bout of the Kyushu basho. For a change his opponent is not from Sadogatake beya (home of Kotoshogiku), but instead he faces Sandanme 87 Daishowaka.

Like Wakaichiro, Daishowaka enters day 8 with a 1-2 record, looking for a win to pull even. Daishowaka is a 30 year old, long time sumo veteran who has participated in 87 tournaments since he started sumo in 2003, never ranking above Sandanme 16.

As always we will bring you details of his match as soon as they become available.