Wakaichiro’s 4th Match: Early Day 8


Tachiai’s favorite American rikishi, Wakaichiro (若一郎), returns to the dohyo on Sunday for his 4th bout of the Kyushu basho. For a change his opponent is not from Sadogatake beya (home of Kotoshogiku), but instead he faces Sandanme 87 Daishowaka.

Like Wakaichiro, Daishowaka enters day 8 with a 1-2 record, looking for a win to pull even. Daishowaka is a 30 year old, long time sumo veteran who has participated in 87 tournaments since he started sumo in 2003, never ranking above Sandanme 16.

As always we will bring you details of his match as soon as they become available.

Wakaichiro Match #3 – A Loss


Day 5 action from Fukuoka, Sandanme 85 rikishi and Tachiai favorite Wakaichiro faced off against Sadogatake beya’s Kotoryusei. Unfortunately the man from Texas did not prevail over his opponent. Winning move is listed as okuridashi, meaning that Kotoryusei was able to get Wakaichiro turned around, and push him out from behind.

With this loss, Wakaichiro drops to 1-2, but is still easily within range of a kachi-koshi for his first basho in in Sandanme. We anticipate that he will return to the doyho on day 7 or 8.

Video Of Wakaichiro’s Day 3 Win

Thanks again to friend of Tachiai, Nista, who shared this video of Texas sumotori Wakaichiro’s second match. Fighting Sandanme 86 Kotonoshima, Wakaichiro overcame a few tough spots to deliver a solid win. Clearly winning the tachiai, Wakaichiro drove forward, but Kotonoshima attempted to counter with a pull down. It was great to see Wakaichiro read the hatakikomi, drive forward and win.

Well done, and congratulations to Wakaichiro!

Wakaichiro Wins His Day 3 Match


Texas sumotori Wakaichiro prevailed in his second match of the Kyushu basho, beating Sandanme 86 Kotonoshima. After an early hatakikomi attempt from Kotonoshima, Wakaichiro rallied and beat his opponent with an oshidashi (Frontal Push Out Technique). We will bring you video as soon as it is posted and we can find it.

With this win, Wakaichiro improves to 1-1 for Kyushu. His next bout will likely come on day 5 or 6.

Wakaichiro Returns – Day 3


Coming back from his day 2 loss to Kotomyozan, our rikishi from Texas faces another of the tribe from Sadogatake beya, today it’s Sandanme 86 Kotonoshima. Kotonoshima is both taller and heavier than Wakaichiro, and like Kotomyozan is a long serving veteran of the lower sumo ranks. He is currently at his highest rank ever, and he will present another stiff challenge for Wakaiciro.

Sadly it seems that our video champion, One and Only, is not recording the lower division matches in Fukuoka, so we are still struggling to find footage of the first match. We will bring you updates later today (US time) as soon as we learn the results.

Go Texas Sumo!

Wakaichiro Loses Day 2 Match


In action Monday morning in Fukuoka, Texas sumotori Wakaichiro lost his first match of the Kyushu basho. As of this post, there is still no video of the match.  His opponent, Sandanme 85 Kotomyozan, won via oshitaoshi. Fans of Wakaichiro are encouraged to keep in mind that his entry into Sandanme marks a dramatic escalation in level of difficulty for his matches. We look forward to his next match which is scheduled for day 3 (Tuesday).

As always, we will post video of the match as soon as we can find any.

Wakaichiro’s First Match – Day 2


Tachiai favorite Wakaichiro returns to action for his first match of the Kyushu basho on Monday, Japan time. He is facing fellow Sandanme 85, Kotomyozan, from Sadogatake heya. Kotomyozan is a veteran of sumo, starting in 2006 at the age of only 15. He has been up and down the banzuke, never higher than Sandanme. He had a period in 2014 where he dropped out of sumo completely, and had to re-start from the beginning.

This will be a great match for Wakaichiro, as Kotomyozan is representative of the kind of rikishi he will face in his effort to climb through Sandanme.

As always we will bring you coverage as soon as we learn details.