November Basho 2020

This November’s sumo tournament was always going to be a weird one. Instead of Kyushu, the event took place in Tokyo. Sadly, this robbed Kotoshogiku of a hometown crowd for his final backbend. COVID regulations really robbed him of much of a crowd at all. Kokugikan was a rather quiet stadium of just a few thousand people.

Pre-Basho Content

Our coverage of the November basho really began with the close of Wacky-Aki: COVID Edition, and Leonid’s publishing of his Banzuke Crystal Ball. As usual, once the banzuke was published, his attempt was spot on.

But before the tournament, we had hopes that Hakuho may participate since he joined in on the joint practice sessions. In the lead-up to Shonichi, he joined Kakuryu and Kotoyuki in the prebasho kyujo lists.

Tournament Coverage

What would a tournament be without Bruce’s fantastic previews and highlights posts? What would a yusho run be without Leonid’s Storylines and State Of Play? I’ll tell you what it would be. It would be boring as hell because there’s not a whole lot of people I can chat sumo with at the office — or even at home — and those who know what it is sure can’t tell their otsuke from their shikiri-sen.

DayPreviewHighlightsBonus Coverage
1Tokyo November Day 1 PreviewTokyo November Day 1 Highlights
2Tokyo November Day 2 PreviewTokyo November Day 2 Highlights
3Tokyo November Day 3 PreviewTokyo November Day 3 Highlights
4Tokyo November Day 4 PreviewTokyo November Day 4 Highlights
5Tokyo November Day 5 PreviewTokyo November Day 5 Highlights
6Tokyo November Day 6 PreviewTokyo November Day 6 Highlights
7Tokyo November Day 7 PreviewTokyo November Day 7 Highlights
8Tokyo November Basho: Nakabi PreviewTokyo November: Nakabi Highlights
9Tokyo November: Day 9 PreviewTokyo November Day 9 Highlights
10Tokyo November Day 10 Highlights
11Tokyo November Day 11 PreviewTokyo November Day 11 Highlights
12Tokyo November Day 12 HighlightsNovember Storylines, Day 12
13Tokyo November Day 13 PreviewTokyo November Day 13 HighlightsNovember Storylines, Day 13
14Tokyo November Day 14 HighlightsNovember Storylines, Day 14
15Tokyo November Day 15 Highlights

Wrap-Up Content

After the tournament, Leonid and Tim wrote up great summaries and analyses of the previous fortnight’s action. With Takakeisho’s yusho, Leonid provided extra historical perspective on the Ozeki’s Quest for a Rope. We hope to see all of our Yokozuna and Ozeki back in action in January!

I think I like this format, so expect to see more basho summaries in the future which take a look at Tachiai’s Team coverage, and consolidate the links into one page. As I’m writing it, I’m more and more convinced this is the best way to tie all these threads of content together. However, the next one will look forward to the BakuHatsuBasho, as Herouth cleverly coined it. Once I get that one going, I’ll start moving back through time, consolidating content into individual pages which you will hopefully find easily, tucked up in the menu bar under “Archives.”


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