US President Trump Presents The “President’s Cup” to Asanoyama

Following presentation of the Emperor’s Cup and the yusho banner to Asanoyama, the staff at the Kokugikan attached a stair to the west side of the dohyo, for Prime Minister Abe to present the Prime Minister’s cup. This was followed almost at once by US President Donald Trump, who presented the first “Presidents Cup”.

A large silver cup with gold trim, and an eagle taking fight at the top of the lid. Big, brash, and maybe a bit gaudy, it fits America to a T. As an American sumo fan, I was beaming a huge smile, in spite of my skepticism about my government, that someone finally decided to take this step. After many times when an American took the yusho in the 20th century, we at long last have made a visible memento of our country’s involvement in this wonderful sport.