Video Of Wakaichiro’s Day 6 Win

Friday morning in Tokyo, Wakaichiro won his 3rd match of the Hatsu basho, defeating Fudano in a fast paced match that had the rikishi from Texas dominating for most of the bout. Compared to Kyushu, Wakaichiro is lower, strong, more confident and moving with purpose. He does get into a spot of trouble, but has the sumo sense to recover. With the win he improves to a healthy 3-0 record.

We expect him to return to action on day 8, and we will bring you all of the details once the fight schedule is published.

Wakaichiro Wins Day 1

Our favorite Musashigawa rikishi opened the new year with a most welcome win over Tochinoshima, to open the basho 1-0. Wakaichiro has been battling a number of physical problems around his right kneed and shoulder, and his performance has suffered the past 2 tournaments. In his day 1 match he looked stronger, more confident and more aggressive than ever. His sumo was smooth, efficient and powerful, and we hope it’s the shape of things to come.

Wakaichro Competes Day 1

Wakaichiro Day 8

In what his fans are hoping is rebound tournament, Texas sumotori Wakaichiro faces his first match early on day 1. The past two tournaments saw him finish with make-koshi records, as he struggled to overcome injuries and adapt to fighting with a bit more mass to his body. In spite of his losing records, his sumo has shown steady technique improvements, and many of his fans believe its simply a matter of time before aspects of his sumo begin to work in harmony, and produce a record equal to his potential.

Wakaichiro, ranked Jonidan 36 East, will face off against Jonidan 36 West: Long serving veteran Tochinoshima. Tochinoshima is a 31 year old rikishi from Kasugano stable who has participated in 77 basho, and has been ranked as high as Sandanme 8. He has been plagued with injuries since 2014, and has struggled to maintain ranking in Sandanme. He is at Jonidan 36 after a disappointing 1-6 record at Kyushu.

We will bring you news of the match as soon as we learn the results, and video once we can find it.

Wakaichiro Loses Day 14 Match


Texas sumotori Wakaichiro went down to his 5th defeat on day 14 in Kumamoto, early on Saturday.  Wakaichiro opened strong, thrusting his opponent, Seito, back to the tawara. But Seito rallied and took Wakaichiro to his chest, and executed a solid sukuinage.

With this loss, Wakaichiro finishes Kyushu with a disappointing 2-5 record, and will return to Tokyo with the Mushashigawa stable to train and regroup. Given the extensive tape work on his extremities, his fans can only assume that he is dire need of recuperative healing.

Wakaichiro Competes Day 14

Wakaichiro Kyushu 1

In his final match for Kyushu, Texas sumotori Wakaichiro will face off against a fellow 2-4 record Jonidan rikishi, Seito, from Fujishima heya. Seito is a similar size and weight as Wakaichiro, and is battling back after an extend absence in 2015 and 2017.

A win today would bring his final record to 3-4, which is a mild make-koshi, and help minimize rank reduction for the January basho. We will bring you results as soon as we know them.

Wakaichiro Update & Day 12 Preview

Texas sumotori Wakaichiro has had a rough November. Entering Kyushu back in the Jonidan division, he had a clear goal – kachi-koshi and return to Sandanme. His first match was a resounding win, but the 4 that followed were all losses, and the last 2 were tough, heartbreak battles where he was clearly in control of the match, but lost his balance. Some video retrospective:

Day 8 vs Jd5w Mitsumune


Day 9 vs Jd4e Tainaka

He now enters day 12 competition already make-koshi with a 1-4 record. His opponent today is Kokonoe-beya’s Chiyonosora, another relative newcomer to the world of sumo who is fighting near his highest ever rank of Jonidan 3. It’s no secret that Wakaichio has his fans among the crew at Tachiai, and we hope that he steels himself against disappointment and fights on.

We will bring you results as soon as they are known (as long as the cold medicine does not put me out) and video once it’s available.

Wakaichiro Competes Day 6

Wakaichiro 40a

Texan sumotori Wakaichiro enters day 6 with a 1-1 record for Kyushu, looking to pick up his second win. His opponent for Friday morning is Kasugano-beya’s Tochimitsuru, a rikishi with 29 basho in a history that starts in 2013. Ranked as high as Sandanme 67, he has been bouncing between the top of Jonidan and the bottom of Sandanme for the past year. Roughly the same size and weight as Wakaichiro, this will be an excellent and even match up.

We will, as always, bring you results and video as early as we can.