Wakaichiro (若一郎) Kachi-Koshi!


Wins Day 13 Match

During the morning Jonidan matches, Wakaichiro (若一郎) prevailed over verteran rikishi Gagyusan, improving his record to 4-3 for Natsu. By finishing out the tournament with a winning record, Wakaichiro will appear in the July basho at a higher rank, though he will probably remain in Jonidan for now.

Tachiai congratulates American sumotori Wakaichro, and wish him excellent practice sessions with the staff (Including coach Konishiki) at Mushashigawa Beya, and we look forward to following his matches in Nagoya.

We will post a video of his match as soon as one is found.

Wakaichiro’s Final Natsu Match Day 13


Winning Record On The Line

After a strong but unsuccessful showing on day 12, Wakaichiro returns to the dohyo on day 13 the complete his card for Natsu. On Friday he will face off against another long time veteran of sumo’s lower ranks. Jonadan 48 East Gagyusan has been in 67 (!) basho since he started in 2006. His highest rank has been Sandanme 79, which he held for a single tournament in 2014. As with his bout on day 12, Wakaichiro will be up against someone with a lot of moves ready to use against him.

Both rikishi come to this match with 3-3 records. The winner gets their kachi-koshi and a boost in rank come July, the loser gets maki-koshi and drops down the banzuke.

We will be waiting eagerly to learn of the results of this important match, and we will bring you the latest (and video) as soon as we know it.

Video Of Wakaichiro’s Day 12 Bout

We have video, courtesy once again of One and Only, of Wakaichiro’s match against Wakakoki. Interestingly enough, Wakakoki pulled back from the line just as the tachiai was set to fire. I would assume this is Wakakoki using a disruption technique to help make sure he had an advantage over Wakaichiro. This is the kind of things you one can expect from a multi-year Jonidan veteran.

In spite of a rough tachiai, Wakaichiro put forth a huge effort, and his superior strength gave Wakakoki a lot of trouble. The match was decided at the tawara, as Wakakoki as in the process of forcing out an off balance Wakaichiro, Wakaichiro attempted a throw. It was close enough that the shimpan declared a monoii, but affirmed the Gyoji’s gumbai.

Fantastic effort by American rikishi Wakaichiro. With this match he drops to 3-3, his final chance to secure a winning record and move up the banzuke will come in his final match.

Wakaichiro Loses Day 12 Match


Record Now 3-3, One Bout Remaining For Natsu

During this morning’s Jonidan matches, American sumotori Wakaichiro lost his match against veteran Wakakoki. With this loss, Wakaichro needs to win his final match to secure his kachi-koshi, or winning record. A losing record would likely mean a small demotion to a lower rank in Jonidan, but it is unlikely he would face a return to Jonikuchi.

Wakaichro has shown remarkable improvement over his performance at Osaka, but is still gaining core sumo skills. When facing rikishi with 7 to 9 years of experience, he is forced to think fast and move faster. His fans in the US are confident that Wakaichiro will prevail, as he is part of a great stable and has fantastic coaches.

As always, we will bring you video of his match when it appears on YouTube.

Wakaichiro In Action Day 12

Wakaichiro Enters

Back For Match #6.

Our favorite American rikisi returns to the Kokugikan dohyo on day 12 to face Wakakoki, Jonidan 47w. Wakakoki, from the Shikoroyama heya, is another veteran of the Jonidan and Sandanme. He has been bouncing up and down between those divisions for some the past few years. His highest career rank is Sandanme 48.

This will be another great test for Wakaichiro’s improving skills and confidence. They are nearly the same height and weight, so this contests will come down to strategy and rapid adaptation on the dohyo. The winner of this bout secures their kachi-koshi, and a higher rank for the summer basho in Nagoya.

As always, we will bring you coverage of his match, and video when we can find it.

Video of Wakaichiro’s Day 10 Match.

Video courtesy of Kokugikan stalwart One and Only, and it’s worth the watch. After the tachiai, Asanoshima side steps Wakaichiro’s second charge, and gets Wakaichiro gets turned around and nearly forced out from behind, but manages to recover and escape. Wakaichro gives up further ground circling backwards until he can plant his feet and renew his attack. His victory improves his record to 3-2, and places him one win away from a tournament kochi-koshi.

Fantastic effort by Wakaichiro, and really a very nice recovery.

Wakaichiro Returns Day 10


5th Bout Is Scheduled Tuesday Morning

American sumotori Wakaichiro will face his fifth opponent on day 10, with an opportunity to pull to a winning record again. His match on Tuesday is against Asanoshima, a rikishi from Kagoshima who is part of the Takasago stable. Asanoshima first entered sumo in 2005, and dropped out for several years before reappearing in 2008. For the bulk of his tournaments he has been ranked Jonidan (44) or Jonokuchi (3). So this is another match where Wakaichiro will be facing a veteran, with a chance to demonstrate his skill, strength and speed.

As always, we will bring you video of his match as soon as it hits the web.