Wakaichiro’s Final Natsu Match – Day 14

Wakaichiro May 20

The Sumo-Texan, Wakaichiro, wrapped up his winning record in fine fashion on day 12, and has one remaining match in his fight card for the May tournament in Tokyo. On Saturday morning he will face off against another 4-2 record Jonidan rikishi, Asanotosa. Asanotosa is a long-serving veteran sumo wrestler who has been in the sport since January of 2000. He eventually ranked as high as Makushita 21, but has been slowly fading down the banzuke since 2008.

This contest will pit the young, rising Wakaichiro against the larger, heavier veteran in Asanotosa. This is actually an outstanding preview of how Wakaichiro will fare in Sandanme, as this is precisely the kind of rakish that gave him a lot of trouble during his past postings to that division. Wakaichiro of Natsu is stronger, faster and more aggressive. We will see if he has improved enough to wrangle the wide-bodies.

As always we will bring you coverage of the results, and video of the match once we find it on line.

Wakaichiro Loses Day 10

Wakaichiro May 20

Our favorite Jonidan rikishi, Wakaichiro, lost his 5th match of the May tournament today in Tokyo, taking him to 3-2. He is still one win from securing his kachi-koshi, and will need to prevail in either of the next two matches.

His opponent, Kotosato, overpowered him from the tachiai, and relentlessly drove forward.  We will bring you video as soon as it becomes available.

Wakaichiro Update

We covered Texan sumotori Wakaichiro at the start of our day 8 live blogging marathon, where he won his match against Shinyashiki. Now through the magic of the internet, video above of that match so fans around the world can see him in action. It’s great to see the improvement between even his last tournament in Osaka and today. Clearly gaining muscle, balance and reaction times. This match features a monoii, as the touch out looked fairly close.

The man from Texas is back on the Natsu dohyo day 10, facing off against 105 kg Kotosato, from the Sadogatake heya. This is their first ever match, and kachi-koshi is on the line. We wish good fortune to Wakaichiro, and as always we will bring you results of the match as soon as they are known, and video of the match as soon as we can find it.

Go Texas Sumo!

Wakaichro Wins Day 8 Match

Wakaichiro May 20

In the course of our live blogging spectacular overnight, we started our evening with news that Wakaichiro prevailed in his day 8 match, boosting his tournament record to a respectable 3-1. Fans have noticed that Wakakichro always seems to fight better in Tokyo, which is an interesting oddity. He is now one win away from hi kachi-koshi, which would keep him perfectly alighted to his pattern of winning in Tokyo, losing on the road.

Sadly at the moment, we don’t have any video to share of his win, but hopefully it will crop up in the boundless fountain that is the internet at some point.

Wakaichro Day 8 Match

If you see this man, buy him noodles!

As if day 8 could get any more awesome… Well Wakaichro has a match day 8 as well. It’s against Shinyashiki from Otake beta. He’s been in sumo for 28 tournaments, so he brings some experience to the dohyo. He’s much lighter than our Texas rikishi, but I am sure he makes up for that in skill. His highest ever rank is Sandanme 60.

With us live blogging and possibly having folks inside the Kokugikan, I am sure there will be no shortage of coverage of this match.