Wakaichiro Finishes Nagoya On Day 13


American sumotori Wakaichiro will finish his Nagoya basho matches on day 13 when he faces Jonidan 24w Takiguchi. Takiguchi, from Takiguchi heya, matches Wakaichiro in height but betters him in weight. Takiguchi has been in Jonidan for most of his 3 years in professional sumo, with a brief turn as high as Sandanme.

The winner of this bout secures kachi-koshi and promotion, the loser make-koshi and demotion for the Aki basho in September. As your favorite Jonidan rikishi, Tachiai has all of our hopes and best wishes behind the young man from Texas.

We will bring you results as soon as they are posted, and video as soon as we can find it on Youtube.

Go Texas Sumo!

Wakaichiro Loses Day 11 Match

The the Nagoya basho’s morning session, American sumotori lost his 6th match of the tournament, dropping to 3-3. he was bested by Jonidan 27e Izumigawa, with the kimarite listed as hatakikomi slap down.

With this loss, Wakaichiro needs to win his final bout to secure a winning record for the Nagoya tournament, and a promotion to a higher Jonidan rank for the Aki basho in Tokyo this September.

Wakaichiro Returns To Action Day 11


Wakaihiro’s second to last match of the Nagoya basho is against Minezaki heya’s Jonidan 27e Izumigawa. Izumigawa is a relative newcomer to sumo, like Wakichiro, and has been patrolling around the Jonidan ranks for 8 basho, with his highest rank to date being Jonidan 3e.

As with his prior matches, we will post news of the results as soon as we can get them, and video as soon as our blessed benefactor, One and only, posts the match to Youtube.

Wakichiro (若一郎) Rematch Against Kenshin Day 9


Tachiai’s favorite Jonidan rikishi is back on the dohyo day 9 for his 5th match. His opponent is Sakaigawa heya’s Kenshin, who Wakaichiro lost on day 11 of the new years basho. Wakaichiro had some mixed feelings about his performance during the Natsu basho, and I am certain he is eager to even the score.

With both rikishi entering the match at 3-1, the winner will pick up an early kachi-koshi and improve their chances of promotion to Sandanme for the Aki tournament in Tokyo in September. Kenshin is a Sandanme veteran looking to battle back to that division, Wakaichiro is a dedicated young man on an upward trajectory.

As with prior matches, we will bring you video as soon as it shows up on Youtube, most likely from One And Only’s feed.

Wakaichro Wins His Day 7 Match


Record Improves to 3-1.

Saturday morning in Nagoya, American sumotori Wakaichiro faced Jonidan 28 West Mibu, and won. This improves his record to be one shy of kachi-koshi, with the possibility of an even strong record making him eligible for promotion to the next highest division, Sandanme.

As with his prior matches, we are anticipating that One and Only will post something to Youtube later in the day.