A Collection Of Matches Below Makuuchi

I was looking for Torakio’s match from today (that Naruto beya obsession I have), and stumbled upon a collection of interesting low-rank bouts I thought would be worth sharing. First, here’s the one I was looking for, Torakio (left) vs Kotosato:

Now, we all know Orora, right? The man who recently broke the NSK all-time record for body weight. So what is his sumo like?

Here he is today, wrestling with Furanshisu, who is a Philipino wrestler, and that’s the Japanese rendition of his real name (Francis). The weight difference between them is about a whole Kisenosato. I mean, Orora is 288kg, and Furanshisu is 103kg.

What do you know, a monoii!

Now, remember the princess of the Jungyo, Hikarugenji? He’s quite the opposite of Orora as far as size goes. Here we have him against Kasugakuni.

Apparently, mattas are not reserved to Makuuchi. And weight is an important thing in Sumo.

Looking for someone older than Aminishiki? Here is Hanakaze, who is almost my age… He’s 47 years old, and barely has any hair for a chon-mage. Of course, he’s only in Jonidan. Still better than Hattorizakura… Here vs. Wada:

This time, not just a monoii, but also a torinaoshi. And that man has some Aminishikiness in him.

Now, here is Tokuda, who was mentioned in Tachiai in the past, and he’s back in Sandanme at the age of 17. He’s 190cm, 123kg, and looks promising:

And now, for the followers of the Taka twins, here is Takayoshitoshi from yesterday:

And here is his little brother, yesterday and today:

Yago? Next basho he’s in Makushita for sure.

This also gives you a glimpse into Takanosho, the shin-Juryo, who is not half bad. It’s a different “Taka”, by the way.

Wakaichiro Loses Day 13


In his final match for the Aki basho, Texas sumotori Wakaichiro lost his bout against Wakasenryu. The match was an oshi-zumō festival, with both rikishi landing plenty of thrusts and shoves, but Wakasenryu was able to thrust down Wakaichiro. The kimarite is recorded as oshitaoshi.

Wakaichiro closes out the Aki basho with a 4-3 winning record, that short of some kind of cosmic upheaval will place him in the next higher division, Sandanme, for the November basho in Kyushu. We look forward to his promotion and his new slate of opponents.

This video posted to twitter shows the match. I fear something has happened to sumo’s one and only, as his videos have become scarce, shaky and from the cheap seats.

Wakaichiro’s Last Aki Match – Day 13


With his kachi-koshi complete, Wakaichiro returns to the Aki dohyo on day 13 for his last match of the basho. He will be facing Jonidan 7 Wakasenryu, of the Nishonoseki heya. Both rikishi are roughly matched in size, with Wakasenryu being 20kg heavier. Wakasenryu is an experienced rikishi, whose career spans 26 tournaments, 7 of which were spent in the next higher division, Sandanme. Once again, Wakaichiro will be facing an opponent with higher division experience in a test of how he will do in the November basho in Kyushu.

Should Wakaichiro prevail in this match, it will increase the rank that he enters Sandanme, but a loss will not likely prevent his promotion to the lower end of the next division.

As with all of Wakaichiro’s matches, we will bring you news of the finish, and video of when we can find it.

Wakaichiro Wins Day 11 – Kachi-Koshi!


Headed For Sandanme in November

Early news from Tokyo that American sumotori Wakaichiro won his day 11 match against Jonidan 9 Kiryu. With this win, Wakaichiro has secured a winning record, and will likely be ranked in Sandanme for the November basho in Kyushu.

Video below courtesy of twitter user SumoSoul:

Congratulations to Wakaichiro! Well done indeed! Thanks to SumoSoul for posting it.

Wakaichiro In Action Again Day 11


Hot on the heels of his victory over Maeta, Texas sumotori Wakaichiro returns to the Aki dohyo with a shot at securing his kachi-koshi, and promotion to the next highest division for the November tournament in Kyushu. His opponent for day 11 is Jonidan 9 Kiryu, who hails from Miyagino heya (of Enho, Ishiura and Hakuho fame). Kiryu is a 30 year old veteran who has been in sumo since 2003, and has been bouncing between Jonidan and Sandanme for the entire period. Undoubtably he will bring quite a few surprises for Wakaichiro, and it should prove a significant challenge for the young man from Texas.

As with his prior matches, we will bring you news and video as soon as its available to us.

Video – Wakaichiro’s Victory Over Maeta

As reported late Monday, American Jonidan Wakichiro prevailed in his 5th match over the massive Maeta, brining his record to 3-2, one win away from his kachi-koshi. Maeta is so large (about 500 pounds) that he can barely move under his own power, but Wakaichiro applied several brutal tsuppari and knocked him off balance. Isaac Newton took care of the rest.

Well done to Wakaichiro, everyone at Tachiai is looking forward to your next match.

Wakaichiro Defeats Maeta Masaru!


Overcomes Gargantuan Rikishi To Improve To 3-2

The happy dance has broken out among Texas sumo fans. Wakaichiro faced a massive opponent in the form of Maeta Masaru on day 10, and won.  This improves him to 3-2, and puts kochi-koshi, and a promotion to the next highest division within reach. We will, of course, post video of this one as soon as we can find it.

Well done and outstanding work to Tachiai’s favorite Jonidan.