Ura Loses Day 10 Match, Re-Injures Knee

Day 10 action in Tokyo – during the Makushita division matches in the early afternoon, Ura faced off against rising star Hoshoryu in a match that had sumo fans buzzing around the globe. Hoshoryu dominated the match from the opening moments, with Ura reverting to his evasive, high agility defensive sumo. Hoshoryu was able to grab Ura and throw him. In the throw, Ura planted his right leg and fought the throw, and it seems to strain on his knee was more than it could take.

Hoshoryu Throws Ura – Ura’s Taped Right Knee Buckles

Following the match, Ura could put no weight on that knee, and had to be helped from the dohyo, and once again we saw the horrific sight of Ura being wheeled away in the rikishi-sized wheel chair.

Word has come that he was taken to the hospital for x-rays and scans at once. His opponent Hoshoryu stayed behind after his match, apologizing to Ura repeatedly. For a 19 year old rikishi, it’s a tough burden to think you may have had a part in ending a legend’s career.

We wish Ura a speedy recovery, but we wonder if maybe he should exit the sumo world and preserve whatever knee function remains.

15 thoughts on “Ura Loses Day 10 Match, Re-Injures Knee

  1. “…but we wonder if maybe he should exit the sumo world and preserve whatever knee function remains.” This tends to be where I land. Precisely BECAUSE I like and appreciate these guys so much, I want them to have lives past sumo even if they don’t have an elder stock or whatever. Injuries that impact their non-sumo lives worry me the most. Bless Hoshoryu, though. He’s so much younger than Ura maybe he figured he had to over-do it to have a shot against a rishki who was on his way back to the top division? (At least the way most had it figured…) I winced hard, though, when it became clear he was injured T_T

  2. agree with Janet’s comment above – watched live, was a great bout, just very unlucky at the end. Bless Hoshoryu – shows his kind nature rushing back to the treatment room immediately to not only apologise copiously but to see how Ura was. Ura certainly doesn’t blame him. He was favouring the already injured knee before bout and he certainly knows how fickle and cruel the sport can be. Wishing him a speedy and full recovery but if retirement is what it takes to do this, then he needs to be able to function and have a life post-sumo. Ura we’re all with u!!!

  3. This entire sport will just rip your heart right out, won’t it. No blame accrues at all to Hoshoryu; it’s all just pure sadness for what might have been…

  4. Terrible news to hear. If it’s the same knee, the injury could be worse than the original. I really hope that isn’t the case.

    • It is the same knee. He came out with quite a bit more tape than previous days, and I am going to assume that he had worries about it before the match.

      • If his previously badly damaged knee was already a concern, I so wish he had just gone kyujo, especially with how severe his previous injury was. When he initially badly damaged his knee (for the injury requiring the operation and long rehabilitation period), I seem to recall he had been hobbling in previous days. If so, two highly avoidable injuries for one of the most entertaining rikishi of my years of watching sumo – that is a tough and very sad thing to see.

  5. Heartbreaking. Ura has a university degree he can fall back on should he decide to retire. I think he trained as a teacher. Just saying!

    Wishing Ura a speedy and complete recovery. This yusho is brutal!

  6. Obviously agree with all comments here that this was heartbreaking. If we were to look for a silver lining, this would be it: everyone can now cheer copiously for Hoshoryu. His class and humility make me hope for his advancement through the ranks.

  7. So it’s been confirmed that Ura re-injured his knee, once again diagnosed as an anterior cruciate ligament rupture. This is the same diagnosis as the prior incident, and I would guess that’s the end of sumo for our beloved Ura.

    • Agreed. That’s the kind of injury where the first recovery is a pretty impressive feat of healing. The second time around, even in a young man… shudder All the very best to him in whatever’s next, with thanks for great sumo in its time.

  8. Sigghhhhh. Man — I. So. Like. This. Kid.

    Ura is a FAV!

    My heart really, really goes out to him. Touching comments above, for sure…and yes, I would say he needs a LONG think on this. Is it really necessary for him to try to come back and compete at a high level only to very possibly get re-injured AGAIN? Maybe BEST to have that injured knee to recover FULLY, retired and use the University education (like Mystified as usual said) he’s earned to prepare for the next great chapter in his life.


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