Video News Update – Yokozuna Kakuryu Retires

Of course, we had a video version of this session, so if you want to watch us sort through the legacy of Kakuryu, and the future of a solid Yokozuna, do click below!

Team Tachiai back for another 15 minutes of sumo fandom. We discuss Kakuryu’s retirement, his legacy and his future. We also handicap who is in the running to be the next Izutsu Oyakata….

Tachiai News Update (Audio) – Yokozuna Kakuryu Retires

Josh, Andy and Bruce discuss the retirement of Yokozuna Kakuryu in March, and what it means for his future as an Oyakata and the Izutsu kabu. In fact, we spend a fair amount of time speculating what is to become of Kakuryu’s former stablemaster’s elder stock, and run down a list of who might be the next Izutsu Oyakata. The answer may be shocking and surprising for some.

Another 15 minutes of three sumo fans sharing their love for the sport with humor, insight and opinion.

Kakuryu Retires

The 71st Yokozuna, Kakuryu Rikisaburo, announced his retirement. Kakuryu had been kyujo from the last four tournaments due to injury, last seeing action briefly in July. He had won six top-division yusho (championships) and eight jun-yusho (second place). Having successfully acquired Japanese citizenship, Kakuryu will pursue a new career as a stablemaster with his own stable.

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His former tsukebito, Abi, expressed his surprise at the announcement, not knowing what to say. The sumo world is left with one Yokozuna, Hakuho, for the first time since 2012. Tachiai is eager to see Kakuryu write this next chapter of his career, now joining Araiso-oyakata (former Kisenosato), as Kakuryu-oyakata.

Yokozuna At Haru – One In, One Out

With less than 2 days to go before the start of the Haru basho, we now know that Yokozuna Hakuho will compete in Haru, and that Yokozuna Kakuryu, will not. According to reports, Kakuryu, who had shown well at the Kyokai joint practice, injured his left thigh in practice a few days ago. He is currently unable to do shiko, and sadly will be unable to compete for March.

The Yokozuna were given an ultimatum last year – compete or retire. Both sat out January, and both were expected to compete in March. There is, of course, talk that Kakuryu will be directed to retire. While this would be a shame, he now has Japanese citizenship, and will likely become a sumo elder following his retirement. While there is no official word if Kakuryu holds a kabu, it is supsected that he holds the Izutsu kabu, and will take it up once he is intai. While we hope the YDC and the sumo association will allow him to fight it out, at least one last time, I personally do not hold much hope for that outcome.

Meanwhile, I am eager to see Hakuho return to the dohyo. If he competes for all 15 days, and is healthy, he has to be the likely favorite to take home the yusho. While it is likely Hakuho will stave off a directive to retire, it has been announced that he will acquire the Magaki kabu, and will become a sumo elder when that day comes.