Hakuho Retirement Ceremony

It’s about time Andy got around to writing about last weekend’s marquee event, isn’t it? I do want to point people to Hiro’s special Hakuho edition of Sumo Prime Time. I liked that he interviewed a lot of fans who were at the retirement ceremony. It’s great to watch sumo events live, and in person, but it’s even better when you get to enjoy the company of fellow fans. And sometimes you actually get to see the wrestlers up close. Hakuho has always been devoted to his fans, and fan service is a driving force behind the events put on by the Sumo Kyokai.

You may remember Andrew Blum from Sydney, Australia as our recent BuySumoTickets contest winner. When I gave him the good news of his win, he shared more details of his current trip to Japan where he attended this retirement ceremony.

Above are a few of the pictures he has to go with the memories that will last a lifetime. On the left, we have him with Ochiai, fresh off his historic makushita yusho. He will be wrestling in Juryo in March. Now, Andrew will get to see him in May. Joining them was Kawazoe, another of Miyagino’s top recent recruits. Then, on the right, Andrew was lucky to catch up with Miyagino okami-san. He also got to see former Ikioi and many others.

I’m glad to see fans making it back over to Japan, and filling seats at Kokugikan!

Congratulations Hakuho Retirement Contest Winner!

Harumafuji’s Danpatsushiki (photo: Nicola)

The Tachiai Team would like to thank all of the entrants for the Hakuho Retirement Contest. You all had great memories of the GOAT. It was a very difficult decision but Congratulations to Shusekiyama as the winner! And we’d especially like to thank the folks at BuySumoTickets for sponsoring the contest and providing the tickets. Unfortunately, Andy did not win the Billion Dollar Powerball (as he didn’t even hit a single number on either ticket) so he couldn’t make everyone a winner and throw the giant “party to end all parties” at the Kokugikan, like he wanted. It would have been great. He’d have his shamisen, a bottle of whiskey, and a bottomless pot of chanko…but maybe some other time.

That was a lot of fun, and with Japan and the Sumo Kyokai more open from their Covid-induced slumber, we hope to be able to bring more events and contests to you all in the near future. So watch this space.

Chiyotairyu Retires From Sumo

In a surprising announcement early Sunday, Kokonoe stalwart Chiyotairyu announced that he is retiring from competition, effective immediately. His day 8 opponent, Kagayaki, will get the default win.

Chiyotairyu’s performance had been fading for the past year, with 5 make-koshi out of the past 6 tournaments. His rank had stayed in the Maegashira 10 to 15 range since November of 2019. To this sumo fan, it was clear that a good portion of his characteristic cannon-ball tachiai was not to be seen again, and that he was nursing some chronic injury.

At one time ranked as high as Komusubi, he made his top division debut in 2012 after starting sumo as a Makushita 15 tsukidashi.

Hakuho Danpatsushiki Ticket Giveaway!

Tachiai is delighted to partner with BuySumoTickets.com to bring our readers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

We are giving away two tickets to see the legendary former dai-Yokozuna Hakuho’s Danpatsushiki, his intai-zumo event in the Kokukigan where the all time record 45 Yusho winner’s oicho-mage will be severed amidst a special day of sumo activities and action.

We are grateful to the team at BuySumoTickets.com for giving our readers this opportunity!

Hakuho’s haircut extravaganza will take place on January 28. If you don’t know what a Danpatsushiki entails, official Kyokai YouTube channel Sumo Prime Time has recently produced a really cool video that shows some of what to expect, featuring footage from another recent event.

While Hakuho has recently been installed as elder Miyagino and has been running his stable for some months, this traditional event has been carried out for generations upon generations and marks the official end of life as a rikishi.

What You Need to Do

Please read this VERY CAREFULLY:

If you would like to enter this contest, please comment on this post with your favourite memory of Hakuho. It could be a classic match, a winning move, a record setting achievement, or another accomplishment from his career. Be as direct or as detailed as you like. Tachiai’s editor-in-chief, Andy will also be joining the judging panel. We want to send dedicated Hakuho fans to this event!

Your username on this site must be connected to the email address where we can reach you. If you win, we will need to verify certain criteria for our partner:

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Multiple members of Team Tachiai have used the BuySumoTickets service on many occasions, and would recommend it also should you wish to travel to Japan upcoming basho, now that international visitors are once again permitted to enter the country.

If you missed it, we also interviewed them a couple years ago to learn more about what folks might not know about sumo ticketing. While times have changed in sumo since then, there are still some great insights in that conversation.

Thanks once again to BuySumoTickets.com for this opportunity – we look forward to enjoying our readers’ memories of Hakuho!