Video News Update – Yokozuna Kakuryu Retires

Of course, we had a video version of this session, so if you want to watch us sort through the legacy of Kakuryu, and the future of a solid Yokozuna, do click below!

Team Tachiai back for another 15 minutes of sumo fandom. We discuss Kakuryu’s retirement, his legacy and his future. We also handicap who is in the running to be the next Izutsu Oyakata….

Tachiai News Update (Audio) – Yokozuna Kakuryu Retires

Josh, Andy and Bruce discuss the retirement of Yokozuna Kakuryu in March, and what it means for his future as an Oyakata and the Izutsu kabu. In fact, we spend a fair amount of time speculating what is to become of Kakuryu’s former stablemaster’s elder stock, and run down a list of who might be the next Izutsu Oyakata. The answer may be shocking and surprising for some.

Another 15 minutes of three sumo fans sharing their love for the sport with humor, insight and opinion.

NHK World Japan – Grand Sumo Preview: Friday

Fans have learned to eagerly anticipate NHK’s “Grand Sumo Preview” show, the Friday before each basho. These shows always feature Hiro Morita, John Gunning and Murray Johnson discussing the state of sumo, features were Raja Pradan frequently gets tortured, and the always enjoyable rikishi interview. This show, it looks like Abi will be interviewed.

Tune in Friday for what is certain to be a great introduction to the July tournament. For more information – check the Grand Sumo page on NHK World:

NHK Grand Sumo Preview Airs Friday


It’s become a fixture of the sumo calendar for the English speaking world. With the opening day of the Aki basho just a few days away, NHK World brings us another preview of the tournament, along with highlights and features about sumo and rikishi. Fans are eager to see if Raja is back to being tortured by rikishi, what kind of discussion breaks out between Murray and John, and which days they will broadcast live (pretty sure its day 1 and 8).

Make sure to tune in and enjoy it as its broadcast, or visit the NHK World web site to watch it via video on demand (works great on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and other streaming platforms).

Schedule (All Times US Eastern)

Friday September 7th @ 12:30 AM
Friday September 7th @ 04:30 AM
Friday September 7th @ 12:30 PM
Friday September 7th @ 06:30 PM