Hatsu Match Previews & Predictions Audio Podcast

The audio version of our new segmented podcast format for Hatsu, we talk about matches we are eager to see, and who we think will contend for the cup. The video version will be up later today on YouTube…

Andy and Bruce talk about the January 2020 basho, with their preview of key matches such as Enho vs Tochinoshin, Hakuho vs Endo, Ikioi vs Tochiozan, Takayasu vs Hokutofuji, Tsurugisho vs Kotoshogiku, Mitakeumi vs Asanoyama and Terunofuji vs Ichinojo. We end the podcast with our always regrettable predictions.

Hatsu Genki Report Audio Podcast

As part of our new segmented podcast experiment, here is 20 minutes of Andy and Bruce running through their pre-basho Genki Report, covering the strong, the injured and the broken for the first basho of 2020. We cover Hakuho, Kakuryu, Goeido, Takayasu, The Joi-Jin with special attention to Asanoyama, Abi and Mitakeumi.

Audio now, video later today on YouTube. This time we are not letting Bruce monkey with the video, and it should work correctly the first time.

Kyushu Banzuke Podcast (Audio)

Andy, Josh and Bruce discuss the November 2019 Kyushu banzuke, featuring 4 rikishi ranked Komusubi. Can the Ozeki Corps bounce back? Will either Yokozuna be competing day 15? Is it now or never for Mitakeumi? Team Tachiai covers a lot of ground, plus our always regrettable predictions.

Audio version for now, with the video coming to YouTube in the next couple of hours.

Kyushu 2019 Banzuke Podcast