Aki Basho Nakabi Podcast (Audio)

Josh joins Bruce from Tokyo to discuss one of the more surprising and unpredictable sumo tournaments in recent memory. We discuss buying tickets to see sumo, the reaction of the crowd in the Kokugikan vs what you see or hear on TV, the chances of the embattled Yokozuna and Ozeki corps, and we revisit our predictions. I will note that Andy’s pick, Endo, is the only one from our “going to take the yusho” choices still in the basho.

Video version to follow later today.

Tachiai Aki Podcast (Audio)

Josh is back in Tokyo, with Andy and Bruce joining from the US. Can Takakeisho claw his way back to Ozeki with 10 wins? We take a look at the upcoming fall tournament and handicap the rikishi, discuss the world of sumo, and present our always regrettable predictions.

This is the audio version recorded Sunday AM, with the video version to be published later today.