Tachiai Aki Basho Podcast – Basho Preview And Predictions

The final installment of our Aki Basho podcast, we preview the tournament, and who we think is going to be in competition for the cup this September. With Isegahama oyakata COVID positive, will Terunofuji compete? Can shin-sekiwake Hoshoryu be able to reach kachi-koshi at his highest ever rank? Will we see fireworks as Asanoyama works to battle back to the salaried ranks from Makushita 15, hunting for a 7-0 yusho. We have our always regrettable prediction, and so much more.

Yes, aware there are some audio problems in the YouTube version…

Tachiai Aki Podcast – Sumo News And Topics

Tachiai’s podcast team return on YouTube and your favorite podcast platform to discuss the upcoming Aki basho. We discuss the emergence of Hiro Morita’s “Sumo Prime Time” YouTube channel, Ichinojo’s yusho in Nagoya, the farce that the NSK’s COVID Kyujo rules produced in July, and we discuss the future rivalry between former Yokozuna Hakuho (now Miyagino Oyakata) and Kisenosato (now Nishonoseki Oyakata). It’s 25 minutes of your life you will never get back, so why not share it with us.

YouTube at the top, audio below.

Tachiai Natsu Basho Podcast (Audio) – Basho Preview & Predictions

After taking a six month break, it’s well past time that Andy and Bruce come up with a genki report. So here is 30 minutes of us discussing the fighting state of the top rikishi, and handicapping the first few days of the tournament. Then we both step in it up to our waists as we tender our always regrettable predictions. Will there be any survivors?

Topics include:

  • Terunofuji’s Condition
  • Weakness in the Ozeki
  • Strength in the Joi-jin
  • The Geriatric Patrol: Okinoumi, Tochinoshin, Tamawashi, Aoiyama
  • Match Preview – Day 1
  • Match Preview – Day 2
  • Regrettable Predictions