Tachiai Haru 2021 Preview Podcast (Audio)

Josh and Bruce discuss the Haru basho, held this year in Tokyo. We take a look back at the spooky 2020 Haru held without fans, discuss the chances of another new Ozeki, and the possible return of the Yokozuna. Are we at the apex of the transitional era? With the Yokozuna follow the pattern of the last 6 years and dominate the March tournament? Will it be Terunofuji’s finest hour? We discuss all of this, plus our always regrettable predictions!

Tachiai 2021 Hatsu Preview Podcast – Part 2

Andy, Josh and Bruce dive into the Hatsu genki report, and take a look at what is sure to be an explosive basho where 4 of the top 5 athletes in sumo MUST win 8 or more matches. We follow that with our Baku-Hatsubasho regrettable predictions, where Bruce sets a new record for regret: his prediction falls apart 5 days before the start of the tournament. Is this a sign of impending doom?

Pour a fine drink, relax and enjoy Team Tachiai’s preview of what may be a basho for the history books.

Tachiai 2021 Hatsu Preview Podcast – Part 1

Andy, Josh and Bruce discuss the Hatsu basho. Will COVID shut down the January tournament? Who among the top ranks will survive? This promises to be one of the most intense sumo tournaments in the past decade!

The podcast crew discusses the encroaching COVID-19 infections in the sumo world, the looming “State of Emergency” from the Japanese government, and the possibility the Hatsu basho may be held without spectators (another silent basho), or canceled entirely.

Audio version of the video podcast we will post to YouTube later today.

Tachiai November Audio Podcast (Part 2)

The Tachiai podcast crew assemble to discuss the upcoming November tournament, re-homed from Kyushu to Tokyo due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In our second of two segments, we cover:

  • The return of joint-practice, or Hakuho gets a workout
  • Increased spectator count for November (from 2500 to 5000 – half capacity)
  • Back to Osaka in March – An attempt to approach “Normal?”
  • Anti COVID measures for November
  • Our always regrettable predictions

Audio this morning, with video posted to YouTube later today.