Tachiai Natsu Basho Podcast (Audio) – Basho Preview & Predictions

After taking a six month break, it’s well past time that Andy and Bruce come up with a genki report. So here is 30 minutes of us discussing the fighting state of the top rikishi, and handicapping the first few days of the tournament. Then we both step in it up to our waists as we tender our always regrettable predictions. Will there be any survivors?

Topics include:

  • Terunofuji’s Condition
  • Weakness in the Ozeki
  • Strength in the Joi-jin
  • The Geriatric Patrol: Okinoumi, Tochinoshin, Tamawashi, Aoiyama
  • Match Preview – Day 1
  • Match Preview – Day 2
  • Regrettable Predictions

Tachiai Natsu Basho Podcast – Sumo News and Topics

Some have asked – where has the Tachiai podcast gone to? Did it get stuck under the couch? Did you guys suddenly recognize you have a faces for radio and voices for calling in the cattle at sunset? Or did you find something else to do with your time? Yes, yes and yes to all! But after giving the sumo fandom a break from our ramblings, we are back to soak up 20 minutes of your life.

Andy and Bruce discuss a variety of topics leading up to the Natsu basho, including

  • Kisenosato’s Okamisan
  • Wakatakakage’s Yusho
  • Shin Ozeki Mitakeumi 
  • Takayasu’s Almost Yusho 
  • What the hell happened to Meisei?
  • Kiribayama Continues To Improve

Kyushu Basho (Audio) Podcast – Part 2

Josh, Andy and Bruce return to discuss the upcoming tournament in Fukuoka, who we are watching closely this time, and of course our always regrettable predictions. We discuss shin-komusubi Kiribayama, September Jun-yusho winner Myogiryu, the return of “Big Guns” Shohozan, The return of Abi, and the sekitori premier of Hakuho’s giant deshi Hokuseiho. It’s 25 minutes of your life you will never get back, so why not spend it with us?

Yes, Bruce makes a mistake involving Enho….

Kyushu Basho Podcast – Part 1 (Audio)

Team Tachiai returns to talk about sumo news, including Hakuho’s retirement, the results from the sumo association’s join training session, rumors of new stables, and the impact of youth sumo. Plus – our salute to Jason, who has announced his retirement as the guy that everyone loves to watch sumo with. Josh, Andy and Bruce cover all the bases in this round up of who and what is in the news with 10 days to go before the November tournament.