Tachiai Natsu Podcast – Banzuke And Predictions

Andy, Josh and Bruce return to review the May banzuke, and pick out their favorites for a bit of examination. We cover Wakatakakage, Tobizaru, the “redemption” wave from Terunofuji, Ura and Murata, and we discuss if Chiyonokuni will actually start this tournament following his kyujo in March. We round out the show with our always regrettable predictions. It’s 27 minutes of your life you will never get back, so spend them with us as we talk bout sumo.

This is part 2 of two, with the YouTube version available soon.

Tachiai Natsu Podcast – News And Events

Josh, Andy and Bruce cover sumo topics and news around the Natsu basho, now just days away. We discuss the 4 Ozeki banzuke, and wonder if it’s an omen of approach doom, the hard-chargers in the top Maegashira ranks, the battle Royale at the top of Makushita, Hakuho’s snub with the ichidai-toshiyori, and the terrible news of Hibikiryu’s death.

Its the first of a two-parter, with the YouTube version to follow shortly.

Tachiai News Update – Hibikiryu’s Gristly Injury (Audio)

Andy, Josh and Bruce discuss the day 13 Sandanme match that may have left Hibikiryu paralyzed. Sumo is a combat sport, and inherently dangerous, but could the Sumo Association take safety and injury response more seriously? We look at how the Oyakata and Yobidashi reacted to the injury, and what could have been done better. We also review how professional sports leagues integrate medicine into their public events.

YouTube / Video version to be published later

Tachiai News Update – Yokozuna Hakuho’s Knee Surgery

Andy, Josh and Bruce discuss Yokozuna Hakuho’s latest knee surgery, and look into how he has forever changed sumo. What does the future hold for him? Will he be able to return ready to fight in July? Can he keep his body together long enough to be a part of the delayed Tokyo Olympic Games?

Its another 15 minute block of Team Tachiai talking through the scenarios around what could be the final basho of the most dominant rikishi ever to mount the dohyo. Video version on YouTube to follow soon.