Natsu Banzuke (Audio) Podcast

It’s Andy, Josh and Bruce from Team Tachiai discussing the Natsu banzuke, and news from the sumo world as we eagerly await a decision on May 6th on the fate of the May tournament. We cover: Shin-Ozeki Asanoyama, Shodai, Mitakeumi, Terunofuji, Enho and Ura along with the “Ozeki scrap heap” and a log jam of Sadogatake at the bottom of the banzuke.

The video version will be available soon, but for now here is the audio version for your listening enjoyment.

Haru Preview and Predictions Audio Podcast

Josh, Andy and Bruce discuss our outlook and predictions for this 2020 Haru Basho. Can they make it to 15 days without anyone getting sick? Can Asanoyama hit double digits again? Who do we think will have a breakout basho, who will score the biggest make-koshi, and our always regrettable predictions of who will take the Emperor’s cup.

Tachiai Audio Podcast – Haru 2020, the Silent Basho

The audio version of our next segment previewing the March sumo tournament in Osaka. In a rare step, the Japan Sumo Association has decided to conduct the Haru Basho with no audience in attendance for any day of the tournament. Andy, Josh and Bruce discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the March tournament in Osaka. The sumo associations has gone to great lengths to find some way to allow the tournament to go forward, while keeping the fans and rikishi safe. Video version to be posted to YouTube in a few hours.