Kyokai Hosts Joint Practice YouTube Stream from 6pm Eastern

The Kyokai will stream coverage of the Joint Practice sessions beginning Sunday 2/21 at 8am (Japan time). YouTube’s converting that for me to 6pm Eastern this evening. So far, big attractions are Kakuryu as he hopes to return from kyujo and Hokuseiho, the big Hakuho recruit with Yokozuna buzz. His enforced Covid kyujo put a brief halt to his streak of consecutive yusho.

Kakuryu, Asanoyama, and Takayasu will be interviewed. I have a bad case of bed head at 8am on Sundays, too, even without having to spar against Ozeki and Yokozuna.


Haru Basho 2021 Page Live with News Updates

I added the new permanent page for the upcoming Haru Basho. I have posted the news we have so far which will impact the tournament, such as Leonid’s coverage of the Juryo promotions, the change of venue, and a brief rundown of the Tokitsukaze drama. The Kyokai has scheduled a meeting on February 22 to announce a decision and hopefully put that scandal to bed…in a love hotel in Kinshicho.

Screenshot of where to find the page

That page will be a permanent home and quick reference for future news and coverage of the upcoming tournament. I will update that with links to the related posts so you will not have to scour the infinite scroll. You won’t need to bookmark it because it is located in the main menu navigation, under “Tournament Archives” below the most recent two tournaments. If you’d like to revisit the action on those tournaments while you’re here, feel free.