Tachiai Natsu Video Podcast – Banzuke And Predictions

After an earlier upload problem, which resulted in a video with Team Tachiai goofing around and cutting up, the REAL youtube presentation of our May banzuke and prediction video is finally ready. Its Andy, Josh and Bruce again, and this time we focus further down the banzuke. We cover Wakatakakage, Tobizaru, the “redemption” wave from Terunofuji, Ura and Murata, and we discuss if Chiyonokuni will actually start this tournament following his kyujo in March. We round out the show with our always regrettable predictions. It’s 27 minutes of your life you will never get back, so spend them with us as we talk bout sumo.

Injured Sandanme Rikishi Hibikiryu Has Died

I scarcely believe this report, and I dearly hope its proven to be completely wrong. But from Team Tachiai contributor Nicola, this heartbreaking post on Instagram

We devoted a 20 minute podcast segment to this terrible incident, and the clumsy reaction from the NSK staff. Now it seems that leaving a critically injured man face down on the dohyo for several minutes while you get a clue can, in fact, be fatal.

I love sumo, but this should be considered a huge loss of face for everyone involved. Yes, people get hurt in sumo – its a combat sport. But that’s why its unthinkable that the world’s greatest sumo institution would not be ready every day, every match for someone to be injured, and be able to respond correctly in an instant.

Tachiai News Update – Hibikiryu’s Gristly Injury (YouTube)

The video version of our discussion around Hibikiryu’s day 13 injury that may have left Hibikiryu paralyzed. Can sumo do more to respond to injuries during competition? Sumo is a combat sport, and inherently dangerous, but could the Sumo Association take safety and injury response more seriously? We look at how the Oyakata and Yobidashi reacted to the injury, and what could have been done better. We also review how professional sports leagues integrate medicine into their public events.

Video News Update – Yokozuna Kakuryu Retires

Of course, we had a video version of this session, so if you want to watch us sort through the legacy of Kakuryu, and the future of a solid Yokozuna, do click below!

Team Tachiai back for another 15 minutes of sumo fandom. We discuss Kakuryu’s retirement, his legacy and his future. We also handicap who is in the running to be the next Izutsu Oyakata….