Haru Story #1: New Faces in Makuuchi

Hello sumo fans! The 2019 Haru Basho in Osaka is just two weeks away, and there are several big stories to talk about before March 10th arrives. In this video, I briefly go over each of the new (and old) faces who will be joining Makuuchi for Haru.

The top division is getting a real shot of talent this March, and you won’t want to miss these guys!

Tachiai’s Interactive Banzuke

I’ve been going a little nuts with dashboards lately. I took the new banzuke and through this together last night. This is version 1.0. It currently only has the sekitori, and is in dire need of some TLC to pretty it up, but I thought you may enjoy it. Darker purple on the left side means there are more wrestlers in that heya. I just realized I need to add that legend.

Osaka Banzuke

If you listen to the podcast, you’ll note references Josh makes to several of the heya. There are many stables so the text colors are a bit…busy. But if you click on a heya’s name, it will highlight wrestlers from that Heya. I thought it was interesting to see how many Juryo wrestlers are from Kise beya.

Haru Banzuke Video Podcast

The video edition of the Haru banzuke podcast – It’s an hour of Josh, Andy and Bruce talking the upcoming March basho in Osaka. The team covers the banzuke, some of the more noticeable promotions and demotions, and our world renowned “Genki Report”.

Throwing caution to the wind, the team dives into sumo news, including Takakeisho’s continued bid for Ozeki, Tochinoshin’s kadoban troubles, and the fact that Takayasu is following Kisenosato’s bad habit of collecting too many jun-yusho’s without going all the way.

Yes, it’s true – Andy gets Bruce to express his outrage that the turgid slug Shodai is able to retain his Maegashira 3 rank with a make-koshi.

It’s long – it’s strong, and its here for your enjoyment.

Haru Banzuke Podcast (Audio Only)

Andy, Josh and Bruce discuss the Haru banzuke, and the upcoming tournament in Osaka. At seconds shy of 1 hour long, this is a super-sized podcast of non stop sumo fandom. We cover our favorites, who’s up and who’s down, our world famous “Genki Report”, and our always regrettable projections.

This is the audio version of the video podcast that will be live tomorrow AM US time.