Haru Banzuke Video Podcast

The video edition of the Haru banzuke podcast – It’s an hour of Josh, Andy and Bruce talking the upcoming March basho in Osaka. The team covers the banzuke, some of the more noticeable promotions and demotions, and our world renowned “Genki Report”.

Throwing caution to the wind, the team dives into sumo news, including Takakeisho’s continued bid for Ozeki, Tochinoshin’s kadoban troubles, and the fact that Takayasu is following Kisenosato’s bad habit of collecting too many jun-yusho’s without going all the way.

Yes, it’s true – Andy gets Bruce to express his outrage that the turgid slug Shodai is able to retain his Maegashira 3 rank with a make-koshi.

It’s long – it’s strong, and its here for your enjoyment.

2018 Year In Sumo Video Podcast

Team Tachiai adds Liam to the podcast to discuss the year is sumo, our Genki Report, and our always regrettable predictions for 2019.  Bonus feature, Liam and Josh take us through some favorites and new packs from BBM’s sumo sports card line.

It’s an hour or sumo fandom on video, and helps us all mark the time until Santa brings us the Hatsu banzuke for Christmas.

Kyushu Video Podcast

Andy, Josh and Bruce have once again taken to YouTube to discuss an upcoming basho.  Join us for 45 minutes of pure sumo fandom as we discuss who we think is genki, our “Ones to Watch”, and our always regrettable predictions.

With the Kyushu basho just a few days away, this is the preview that sumo fans can use to justify the next 3 weeks. Grab some sake, and spend some quality time with us. Onwards to Kyushu!