Tachiai’s Interactive Banzuke

I’ve been going a little nuts with dashboards lately. I took the new banzuke and through this together last night. This is version 1.0. It currently only has the sekitori, and is in dire need of some TLC to pretty it up, but I thought you may enjoy it. Darker purple on the left side means there are more wrestlers in that heya. I just realized I need to add that legend.

Osaka Banzuke

If you listen to the podcast, you’ll note references Josh makes to several of the heya. There are many stables so the text colors are a bit…busy. But if you click on a heya’s name, it will highlight wrestlers from that Heya. I thought it was interesting to see how many Juryo wrestlers are from Kise beya.

18 thoughts on “Tachiai’s Interactive Banzuke

  1. It could definitely stand to be a bit more responsive, (I have Tachiai perma-blown-up to 150% because even bifocals can only do so much for my eyes, and it’s breaking the layout, ^^;;; ) but WOWIE WOW impressive!!!

  2. Super cool – I wonder if there’s a way to work this new visualisation into the heya power rankings going forward??

  3. Would it be possible / useful to include their rank from the most recent previous banzuke in the hoverover menu? It’s quite interesting to me to see how the rankings have changed but I tend to forget previous rankings from the last basho without manually looking them up each time.

  4. Adding onto B Plissken’s comment, it would be so cool to see each rikishi’s hometown on the map. Maybe heya, past rankings, hometowns, etc. could be on different tabs. Looks awesome so far! Great work!

    • I’ve been toying with adding the shusshin map to the other dashboard…I need to figure out away to link them nicely.


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