Happy 36th Birthday Toyonoshima!!


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Tachiai would like to wish big papa Toyonoshima a very happy 36th birthday today! A longtime sumo veteran, Toyonoshima is set to return to the top division at Nagoya, and I know myself and many others would like to see him have a much better Makuuchi tournament than his 5-10 make koshi at Haru earlier this year. Here’s hoping Toyonoshima’s birthday wish is answered, and that we will see him hold on to his spot in the top division for some time to come! Bring on the little cakes!!

Shin-Ozeki Takakeisho Withdraws from Natsu Basho


Tachiai is reluctant to report that Shin-Ozeki Takakeisho has pulled out of the Natsu Basho after suffering a medial collateral ligament injury in his right knee during his Day 4 match with Mitakeumi. Immediately after winning his match, Takakeisho bent down into a squat before limping back to his side of the dohyo and down the hanamichi. Following his match, Takakeisho maintained that the knee didn’t cause him any pain, despite the obviously laboured walking, and that he would see a doctor before making a decision on competing further. After a visit to the doctor and consulting with his Oyakata, Takakeisho pulled out of competition. In regards to his deshi’s injury, Chiganoura Oyakata stated that he would not let Takakeisho force himself to compete and that the Shin-Ozeki should take the necessary time to heal.

In addition to spoiling his first basho as Ozeki, this injury also means that Takakeisho will enter the Nagoya basho as a kadoban Ozeki. That being said, we at Tachiai are glad that both Takakiehso and his Oyakata are committed to letting him get the rest and recovery he needs to return and defend his Ozeki rank come July, and we will be cheering him on every step of the way.

Update: Takakeisho has been prescribed three weeks of treatment for his injured knee.

2019 Natsu Basho Preview

With the Natsu Banzuke published, it’s officially Basho season again! With less than a week until the return of sumo action, here are some of the biggest stories and most pressing questions on the minds of sumo fans this May!

Keep watching until the end for a sneak peek of a new series coming soon.

Tegata: A Piece of Sumo Tradition

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, sumo merch is now much more accessible to fans across the globe. If you, like me, want to own a tangible piece of your favourite rikishi, and the idea of stealing a used mawashi sounds too unappealing, then the next best thing is an authentic tegata. A real piece of sumo culture, tegata are truly special items to behold.

Learning the Lingo: Episode Three

Tachiai readers, do not adjust your screens. This is in fact, a brand new episode of Learning the Lingo. With the school I work for off for spring break, I’ve hade a lot more time to create content, thus you are getting two videos this week! In today’s episode of Learning the Lingo, we will be tackling just one concept, but boy is it a big one! This video will focus on one of the most important occupations in all of sumo: the Gyoji.

Today’s episode was requested by Tachiai readers Ben Marshman and Kukufuji. If there is a term that you would like to see covered, please let me know in the comments below. I hope you enjoy the video, and I will be back with more sumo goodness soon!

Learning the Lingo: Episode Two

Hello sumo fans. Today I’m back with another addition of learning the lingo, a series where I briefly break down sumo terms in a way that will be accessible for all fans of this wonderful sport. Today’s episode will cover Oshi-zumo, Yotsu-zumo, Oyakata, and Heya.

Before you go, I wanted to make a special announcement. The Liam Loves Sumo channel has officially surpassed 200 subscribers, and I owe each and every one of you a huge thank you for helping me reach this milestone! Thank you for watching and supporting the channel, and I will see you all soon!