2019 Aki Basho Scorecards

2019 Aki Basho

As a teacher, September is always a busy time so boy was I surprised to realize that the Aki Basho starts in just a few days! Never fear, I got my act together and the 2019 Aki Basho Scorecards are ready to go! As many will notice, these scorecards still list Rikishi like Takayasu who have already announced that they will not compete. They are included here as it is my hope that these cards will also act as a form of banzuke for those who enjoy record keeping for every Basho.

2019 Aki Basho Scorecard Pt.1
2019 Aki Basho Scorecard Pt.2
2019 Aki Basho Scorecard-Juryo

Hope you enjoy tracking all the action this September, Aki is looking like another fantastic tournament!

The Yokozuna Chronicles One: Akashi Shiganosuke

Since the inception of the Yokozuna rank in 1789, only 72 men have been recognized as the greatest sumo has to offer. But who are the men behind the numbers? What made them stand out from the rest? And where do they belong in the pantheon of sumo’s most historic competitors?

I aim to answer these questions in my new series, The Yokozuna Chronicles, where work my way through the long history of sumo and I uncover the lives of its most prestigious athletes. In Chronicle One, I outline the legendary life of the first Yokozuna, Akashi Shiganosuke. A man more myth than material, Akashi Shiganosuke’s impact on sumo and the rank of Yokozuna is felt to this very day.

2019 Nagoya Basho Scorecards

Nagoya 2019

With just a few days to go until the Nagoya Basho starts, here are the scorecards for the Makuuchi and Juryo divisions.

For those wondering why rikishi who have gone kyujo before the scorecards go out, there is a reason. I goal is that these documents are not just scorecards, but also a form of a banzuke for those who like to keep their own records of the changes in sumo from basho to basho. I also keep a rikishi’s name on just in case they were to join part way through a basho.  For these reasons. every scorecard will have a spot for each rikishi ranked on the official banzuke, and only in the most special of circumstances (ex: Takanoiwa) will their bracket be changed.

Here’s hoping that you keeping score at home and that we get another exciting Basho!

2019 Nagoya Basho Scorecard
2019 Nagoya Basho Scorecard-Juryo