Haru Story #1: New Faces in Makuuchi

Hello sumo fans! The 2019 Haru Basho in Osaka is just two weeks away, and there are several big stories to talk about before March 10th arrives. In this video, I briefly go over each of the new (and old) faces who will be joining Makuuchi for Haru.

The top division is getting a real shot of talent this March, and you won’t want to miss these guys!

11 thoughts on “Haru Story #1: New Faces in Makuuchi

  1. I enjoy your commentary and enthusiasm Liam. When I get a hold of some good card protectors I will be buying some sumo cards as well 👍🏻

  2. Ironically I’m also the most hyped for Toyonoshimas return. I started watching Sumo around the time he got demoted due to his injury and it will be interesting to see how such a long running makuuchi veteran (and ex-san’yaku wrestler) will fare after a couple of years in the lower divisions. I’m also hoping for a strong return of Ishiura.

    • Toyonoshima was rocking the tadpole look when Takakeisho et al were frogspawn. He’s also one of only two active non-yusho-winners to have made it to a play-off for the big cup., the other being Tochiozan. I can’t see him making much of an impact this time but just to get back in the big league is an astonishing achievement,and I’ll be cheering him all the way.

  3. It’s great that the makuuchi promotions this time offer such a variety of sizes, styles and experience. Will certainly make the bottom half of the division very interesting this time.

    It will also be interesting to see which of them survive in Makuuchi. I’m particularly interested to see how Ishiura does as by the end of his last stint in makuuchi he was getting found out. However he’s been demonstrating more variety in Juryo so let’s see if it’s effective in the top division.

    And of course everyone’s waiting for Kotoshogiku vs Toyonoshima!

  4. Holy moly, just looked up Tomokaze’s record to date: 23-12 in makushita, 22-8 in juryo. (He didn’t break a sweat getting into makushita — he was 22 when he did maezumo. I think he must have been at least equivalent to a typical makushita tsukedashi entrant in skill.) It sure will be interesting to see where he tops out…


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