NHK Grand Sumo Preview

With just a few days to go before the Kyushu basho, its time once again for our favorite sumo presenters to take to NHK World Japan to discuss the upcoming tournament.

I am looking forward to this program’s featured rikishi, the team’s commentary and predictions, and what manner of torture Raja has to endure this time. Maybe they will make him eat the same lunch that Mitakeumi does…

The first showing will be tonight (US time) at 11:30 PM Eastern / 8:30 PM Central. Consult the NHK World web site for the correct time in your location.

NHK World Japan’s Grand Sumo Preview – Friday!

The Friday before any honbasho features a fantastic 25 minute show on NHK World Japan, previewing the upcoming tournament with Hiro Morita, John Gunning and Murray Johnson. These typically feature a recap of the prior basho, interview with key rikishi and some random torture applied to Raja Pradhan.

First airing is in a few hours, so check with NHK World to see when you can catch this must-see program for all sumo fans!

NHK World Japan – Grand Sumo Preview: Friday

Fans have learned to eagerly anticipate NHK’s “Grand Sumo Preview” show, the Friday before each basho. These shows always feature Hiro Morita, John Gunning and Murray Johnson discussing the state of sumo, features were Raja Pradan frequently gets tortured, and the always enjoyable rikishi interview. This show, it looks like Abi will be interviewed.

Tune in Friday for what is certain to be a great introduction to the July tournament. For more information – check the Grand Sumo page on NHK World:

NHK World’s Grand Sumo Preview

With just days before the Natsu Basho starts, it’s time once again to join the crew of NHK World’s Grand Sumo for a preview show. Typically we can expect Murray Johnson, John Gunning and Hiro Morita, with some torture sessions applied to Raja Pradhan. These shows are always fun, and full of great sumo fan information.

Show times are US Eastern and Pacific. Do tune in and check it out.

  • Friday 12:30 AM Eastern / Thursday 09:30 PM Pacific
  • Friday 04:30 AM Eastern / Friday 01:30 AM Pacific
  • Friday 12:30 PM Eastern / Friday 9:30 AM Pacific
  • Friday 06:30 PM Eastern / Friday 03:30 PM Pacific