NHK World Japan – Grand Sumo Preview: Friday

Fans have learned to eagerly anticipate NHK’s “Grand Sumo Preview” show, the Friday before each basho. These shows always feature Hiro Morita, John Gunning and Murray Johnson discussing the state of sumo, features were Raja Pradan frequently gets tortured, and the always enjoyable rikishi interview. This show, it looks like Abi will be interviewed.

Tune in Friday for what is certain to be a great introduction to the July tournament. For more information – check the Grand Sumo page on NHK World:

7 thoughts on “NHK World Japan – Grand Sumo Preview: Friday

  1. It’s possible but by no means confirmed that when they said Raja was spending his segment with gyoji I yelled “IF WE AREN’T FLINGING HIM WHY THE HELL ARE WE HERE, THEN.” That was unfair; it was a really good segment, and the episode was capped by Murray’s look of utter distaste for his mini-Murray doll.

  2. NHK Newsline in Depth today features Hiro Morita interviewing Demon Hakka (I’m guessing at the spelling). I don’t know the back story of Demon Kakka, but I can tell you he is a talented make-up artist and his English is really, really good!

    This clip features Takayasu saying, in English, ‘Watch me win the next title’! Worth watching for that alone :-).


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