Another Earthquake

A few hours ago there was another earthquake in roughly the same area as the previous ones. This map from the United States Geological Survey shows just how many there have been over the past two days. All of these are greater than 4.5 Magnitude. Japan has a different scale that goes to 7 and it varies based on where one is from where the quake hits. My thoughts and prayers are with those of you all there in Kumamoto.

To give some frame of reference, Kumamoto is about 1200km from Tokyo…about the same distance as Jacksonville, FL from Washington, DC.

Screenshot (177)

Ichinojo New Kesho Mawashi

Ichinojo has appeared in Baby Star commercials and a cartoon version of him is used on their packaging. Now Baby Star features on his new Kesho Mawashi. At the last tournament, he was sponsored by NiBank, the National Bank of Mongolia.

The Oyatsu Company makes these Baby Star brand ramen chips that are popular among kids in Japan. Oyatsu actually means snack in Japanese. The baby star mascot features on one version of the new Mawashi while Mt. Fuji features on the other with the Oyatsu Company’s name written out in Japanese below the picture.

I’m actually not sure why they haven’t made it to the US, yet, since legit ramen is finally becoming “a thing”. My son loves the chips but I’ve never had them. I will try to remember to have some next time we travel back to Japan.

Spring Tour Schedule Released

I’m really just on pins and needles to see the next Banzuke. I think they’ll be releasing that in the next week so I’ve been checking the Sumo Kyokai website. Today they released the Spring Tour schedule.

Two events popped out at me for those hoping to visit Japan. The first is an event at Himeji on March 31. The second event is the free Honozumo exhibition bouts at the Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo on April 3.

For those who hope to travel to Japan but don’t get a chance to make it to one of the main tournaments, these events are a way to at least see some of the famous wrestlers. At Himeji, you’ll be able to see the famous castle (though my favorite is still the one in Kochi). The Yasukuni event you’ll be able to see some bouts, too.

Himeji Castle
Himeji Castle