NHK Fukushi Sumo Event Tomorrow (2/11)

Fresh off the Fuji TV tournament, Kokugikan will host another sumo exhibition tomorrow (2/11) afternoon. This time the even is hosted by NHK. The program starts just after noon with some Taiko drumming. I have a video here of some Taiko drumming from the Shinshun matsuri (New Spring Festival) that was held here in DC two weekends ago.

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The Taiko drums are always a highlight.

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The program continues with a comedy sumo routine (Shokkiri), Jinku singing, the Makuuchi Dohyo-iri, and some exhibition bouts. A great sample of some Jinku singing is in the video below from Inside Sport Japan. *Update via Herouth below, the professional singers featured on the brochure and on the website will compete with makuuchi wrestlers in a singing competition. Your guess is probably better than mine as to who, other than Ikioi, will be participating.* There won’t be a tournament with a purse, and no shot at a Hakuho-Enho bout, but it should still be a fun, relaxed sumo event.

Spring Tour Schedule Released

I’m really just on pins and needles to see the next Banzuke. I think they’ll be releasing that in the next week so I’ve been checking the Sumo Kyokai website. Today they released the Spring Tour schedule.

Two events popped out at me for those hoping to visit Japan. The first is an event at Himeji on March 31. The second event is the free Honozumo exhibition bouts at the Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo on April 3.

For those who hope to travel to Japan but don’t get a chance to make it to one of the main tournaments, these events are a way to at least see some of the famous wrestlers. At Himeji, you’ll be able to see the famous castle (though my favorite is still the one in Kochi). The Yasukuni event you’ll be able to see some bouts, too.

Himeji Castle
Himeji Castle