NHK Grand Sumo Live – Senshuraku

The ace team at NHK Grand Sumo will be once again broadcasting the last matches of the final day, followed by the yusho ceremony and the awarding of many many trophies via live stream. Tachiai readers and sumo fans are encouraged to tune into the NHK World Japan live stream for all of the action from their mobile device, streaming TV / smart TV, or nearly any digital platform.

NHK World Stream link here

Broadcast Times

  • 06:30 PM – Sydney
  • 03:30 PM – Shanghai
  • 01:00 PM – Hyderabad
  • 08:30 AM – London
  • 03:30 AM – New York / Eastern US
  • 02:30 AM – Chicago / Central US
  • 01:30 AM – Denver / Mountain US
  • 12:30 AM – Los Angeles / Pacific US

NHK World’s Grand Sumo Osaka Coverage – Friday!

The NHK World’s Grand Sumo team will be starting the Haru basho with a “Grand Sumo Preview” program Friday (Japan time), followed by “Grand Sumo Live” for the final 50 minutes of day 1 Sunday.

The 30 minute “Grand Sumo Preview” program will be the latest in a string of outstanding programs that look into the upcoming tournament, and each program typically features a recap of the previous tournament, a feature rikishi section (maybe Tamawashi?), and a session where Raja Pradhan is forced to be some massive fellow’s practice partner.

Schedule (All Times US Eastern)

Thursday March 7th @ 11:30 PM
Friday March 8th @ 03:30 AM
Friday March 8th @ 11:30 AM
Friday March 8th @ 05:30 PM

NHK Grand Sumo Live For Day 15

As they have done in the past, the NHK Grand Sumo team will be live for the final day of the Hatsu basho. For folks who are interested, it will cover the final matches of the top division, and feature the yusho ceremony and awarding of many large and amazing trophies to either Tamawashi or Takakeisho. Tune it at 4:30 PM Japan time and enjoy 90 minutes of live sumo with all of the details and commentary.

*Note, until such time as the steaming pile of junk called WordPress can fix the live blogging feature, Team Tachiai will sitting out live blogging.

Tachiai Live Blogging Day 8

Kyushu Day 8-2 Live

Against our better judgement, team Tachiai will be live blogging today’s Nakabi proceedings, including synchro-cast with NHK World’s Grand Sumo Live.  NHK World will live broadcast the final 50 minutes of the top division, including several matches that will shape week 2’s race to the yusho.

Just us here later as we burn through our stockpile of sake and curry udon to bring you all of the action from Fukuoka!

Aki Live Blog – Day 1

Live Blog Banner 3

Welcome to Aki day 1’s live blog! No need to refresh your page, new content will appear automatically. NHK will be bringing the last 50 minutes of Makuuchi live starting at 4:00 AM US Eastern / 1:00 AM US Pacific / 4:00 PM Japan. Fire up the stream and follow along with us while Murray Johnson calls the matches.

We are expecting Bruce and Herouth for day 1, with some coverage starting as early as Jonidan.

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NHK Grand Sumo Live This Weekend


Following a pattern set by previous tournaments, the NHK sumo crew is broadcasting live for both Day 14 and Day 15. This maps out to Saturday and Sunday afternoon in Japan, starting around 5:00 PM Japan time. The broadcast typically starts just after the top of the hour news break, so it will be 50 to 55 minutes of live sumo, with an ensemble cast of commentators including Murray Johnson and John Gunning.

During prior live broadcasts, Tachiai has live-blogged the matches. We are working out the logistics of covering two nights of sumo and staying sane.

Grand Sumo Live Times

04:00 AM Eastern (US)
03:00 AM Central (US)
02:00 AM Mountain (US)
01:00 AM Pacific (US)

09:00 AM UK
10:00 AM Europe