Sumo Association To Live Stream Dohyo Matsuri, Friday PM US Time

As they have done with the last several basho, the public is not allowed to attend the dedication and consecration of the dohyo for this Tokyo-hosted Haru basho. Instead they offer the public a chance to see it live streamed via YouTube. Start time is 8:00 PM Eastern US time, 5:00 PM Pacific US time Friday. The video quality is usually less than amazing, but it does offer anyone in the world a chance to see this unique and important ceremony without getting on a plane to Japan.

Tachiai Live Blogging Day 8

Kyushu Day 8-2 Live

Against our better judgement, team Tachiai will be live blogging today’s Nakabi proceedings, including synchro-cast with NHK World’s Grand Sumo Live.  NHK World will live broadcast the final 50 minutes of the top division, including several matches that will shape week 2’s race to the yusho.

Just us here later as we burn through our stockpile of sake and curry udon to bring you all of the action from Fukuoka!

Eating Sumo: Sumo Stew San Francisco

Quick note to our Tachiai readers on the west coast of the United States: next week, photographer Michael Harlan Turkell and restauranteur Harry Rosenblum bring their SUMO STEW series back to San Francisco. The event serves up chankonabe from a notable chef (this time it’s Nick Balla and Cortney Burns of Duna) as well as a bento and most importantly, live streaming of the upcoming honbasho.

As live sumo broadcasts (particularly publicly streamed events) can be difficult to come by outside of Japan, this might be a fun event for sumo enthusiasts. If you happen to be in that part of the world and decide to go, let us know how it turns out and maybe we’ll cover a future iteration of the event.

Tickets for Wednesday’s edition of the event: click here
Tickets for Thursday’s edition of the event: click here

EDITED TO ADD: The Sumo Stew team has been in touch and are offering $10 off to Tachiai readers with the code KANPAI10 !