Put Your Questions to Murray Johnson


Hello from Tokyo, Tachiai readers!

Following in the wake of our interview last year with John Gunning, we’re pleased to share that we’ll be speaking with another member of the NHK World sumo coverage team in the coming weeks. None other than play-by-play guru Murray Johnson will be meeting up with us to discuss a number of questions relating to the sport.

As with last year’s John Gunning feature, we’d like to open up the opportunity for Tachiai readers to send in some questions as well. This is another great opportunity to potentially have your questions answered by one of the leading names in sumo coverage and analysis!

Please be advised that we will ask questions as time and the parameters of the conversation permit, but we will endeavor to put as many interesting questions as possible to the esteemed announcer and pundit.

Leave your questions in the comment section below, and we will review them in the coming days before we speak to Murray!

NHK’s Hiro Morita’s Year in Review


NHK Anchor and popular Sumo presenter/play-by-play man Hiro Morita has published his 2018 Year in Review this past week on the NHK World website, and if you haven’t seen it, click here to give it a read.

The full piece is well worth a look. As any listener of Hiro’s coverage – particularly his live sumo coverage – will know, he is prone to work in little bits and pieces he’s picked up directly from the rikishi themselves, and this bit at the end stood out in particular as we continue to debate the ability of current crop of Yokozuna:

I had a chance to talk to Hakuho during the winter provincial tour in Kumamoto, southwestern Japan in December, and the 41-time champion told me that he’s looking forward to take on all comers in the new year. The Mongolian Yokozuna strongly believes he has what it takes to prove that he’s still the king of the ring.

Especially if you’re new to sumo or just nostalgic, it’s a good look back on the year that was as we get ready for the year that will be.

Tachiai Live Blogging Day 8

Kyushu Day 8-2 Live

Against our better judgement, team Tachiai will be live blogging today’s Nakabi proceedings, including synchro-cast with NHK World’s Grand Sumo Live.  NHK World will live broadcast the final 50 minutes of the top division, including several matches that will shape week 2’s race to the yusho.

Just us here later as we burn through our stockpile of sake and curry udon to bring you all of the action from Fukuoka!

NHK Grand Sumo Preview Airs Thursday / Friday


It’s become a fixture of the sumo calendar for the English speaking world. With the opening day of the Kyushu basho just a few days away, NHK World brings us another preview of the tournament, along with highlights and features about sumo and rikishi. Fans are eager to see what new torture Raja is subject to, and what kind of discussion breaks out between Murray and John.

Make sure to tune in and enjoy it as its broadcast, or visit the NHK World web site to watch it via video on demand (works great on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and other streaming platforms).

Schedule (All Times US Eastern)

Thursday November 8th @ 11:30 PM
Friday November 9th @ 03:30 AM
Friday November 9th @ 11:30 AM
Friday November 9th @ 05:30 PM

NHK World Live Makuuchi Broadcast (Day 1)

Hat tip to Bruce on finding this. The NHK will broadcast makuuchi bouts live from 4:10am Eastern to 5am! It looks like it’s a Day 1 thing only. Honestly, I want so much traffic they decide to do it again. I will keep my eyes peeled for next weekend action and (hopefully) senshuraku.

Also, the always fantastic Grand Sumo Preview program airs over the next 24 hours on NHK World. Make a point to watch it, as it’s always interesting, and features friend of Tachiai, John Gunning. I am curious which rikishi gets the special coverage this time, and if Raja is further abused in training. Details of when it airs here: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/tv/sumo/