NHK World’s Grand Sumo Osaka Coverage – Friday!

The NHK World’s Grand Sumo team will be starting the Haru basho with a “Grand Sumo Preview” program Friday (Japan time), followed by “Grand Sumo Live” for the final 50 minutes of day 1 Sunday.

The 30 minute “Grand Sumo Preview” program will be the latest in a string of outstanding programs that look into the upcoming tournament, and each program typically features a recap of the previous tournament, a feature rikishi section (maybe Tamawashi?), and a session where Raja Pradhan is forced to be some massive fellow’s practice partner.

Schedule (All Times US Eastern)

Thursday March 7th @ 11:30 PM
Friday March 8th @ 03:30 AM
Friday March 8th @ 11:30 AM
Friday March 8th @ 05:30 PM

5 thoughts on “NHK World’s Grand Sumo Osaka Coverage – Friday!

  1. Everyone’s favourite reporter Raja Pradhan is getting into the ring with the Jan champion! Don’t miss it!

    • Watching Grand Sumo highlights and live broadcasts
      is such a joy. The contestants show true sportsmanship, gratitude, & honor. U.S. sports court take a page from their manuals for the youngsters who watch the games. Personally the broadcasts have educated me about Japanese culture and history. Broadcasters appear to enjoy their roles as educators to the audience.
      These past 3 yrs truly have made of me. My schedule is adjusted for viewing. Raja Prodham has become a particular personal favorite announcer.
      Thank you for your broadcasts.

  2. Terutsuyoshi (hope I spelled that right) gets a shout out in the preview. Very informative, I thought.


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