Tachiai Live Blogging Day 8

Kyushu Day 8-2 Live

Against our better judgement, team Tachiai will be live blogging today’s Nakabi proceedings, including synchro-cast with NHK World’s Grand Sumo Live.  NHK World will live broadcast the final 50 minutes of the top division, including several matches that will shape week 2’s race to the yusho.

Just us here later as we burn through our stockpile of sake and curry udon to bring you all of the action from Fukuoka!

One thought on “Tachiai Live Blogging Day 8

  1. I’m in Honolulu Hawaii and I subscribe to NHK World. I love to watch the Sumo, but our tv schedule shows a different time…… I use to watch it at 0630, 1330, 1830, etc. now it shows a different time and it’s not sumo! It’s another program! And at the above times, the TV guide doesn’t have Sumo! Should I be calling Spectrum?
    Horibe Yasube


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