Sokokurai Danpatsushiki

Yesterday, it was Kotoshogiku. Today, Sokokurai had his danpatsushiki. He also retired back in 2020 but has already made a very quick, successful transition into running his own stable. Arashio-oyakata has ushered the younger Onami brothers, Wakatakakage and Wakamotoharu, into the top of Makuuchi. Josh recently wrote about his success in more depth, here.

Sokokurai Prepares for His Bout

This is quite the transition since he had to lawyer up and fight just for the right to continue his career. He’d been caught up, wrongfully, in the match-fixing scandal and banned from the sport in 2011. While that all worked its way to a decision, he sat out of the sport for more than two years, staying in shape the whole time. When he won in 2013, he didn’t get to ease his way back in from Jonokuchi…they threw him back in with the wolves of Makuuchi, giving him the rank he had earned back in 2011.

Their success featured highly in the retirement ceremony with a bout between the brothers — something we won’t see in a tournament unless they’re somehow both vying for the title in a playoff. Wouldn’t that be exciting?!?!

He’s setting up a real family operation with his nephew and the Tanji brothers joining the Onami brothers. We’ve seen several other stables pick up brothers as recruits, like Gaia and Byakuen at Tatsunami-beya and I wonder if it’s a growing trend in order to increase recruitment.

2020’s retired rikishi (2/2)

Here comes the second part of our series. More prestigious names are on the line…

Kizakiumi Shinnosuke

Kizakiumi Shinnosuke (middle of the picture)

Age of retirement: 25

Best rank: juryo 3

The Okinawa-ken rikishi’s unfortunate retirement caused Andy to rant at the malicious issue of injuries in sumo. Indeed, how would fans react, should Takakeisho, Asanoyama or Shodai suddenly retire due to a badly handled injury?

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Les lutteurs retraités en 2020 (2/2)

Deuxième partie de notre série sur les lutteurs ayant annoncé leur retraite en 2020. D’autres noms prestigieux sont concernés…

Kizakiumi Shinnosuke

Kizakiumi Shinnosuke (middle of the picture)

Age de retraite : 25 ans

Meilleur rang : juryo 3

La retraite du lutteur originaire de la région d’Okinawa a conduit Andy à s’insurger face au délicat problème des blessures dans le sumo. En effet, comment réagiraient les fans, si Takakeisho, Asanoyama ou Shodai devaient brutalement prendre leur retraite à cause d’une blessure mal gérée ?

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Kyushu 2019, Senshuraku, Final Bouts From The Lower Divisions

A day late, here are some of the bouts from the lower divisions that took place on Senshuraku. This includes some tidying up – regular bouts featuring rikishi we have followed through Kyushu basho – and some playoffs.

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