Izutsu Oyakata Passes Away

It is with great sadness that we inform you that Izutsu oyakata, the former sekiwake Sakahoko, passed away today in a hospital in Tokyo. He was 58 years old.

Izutsu oyakata was Yokozuna Kakuryu’s stablemaster, and brother of the former sekiwake Terao, now Shikoroyama oyakata.

The Japanese press reports that he was apparently suffering from pancreatic cancer. His condition worsened shortly before the basho and he has been hospitalized since.

In addition to Kakuryu, Izutsu beya includes Sd37 Hagane and Jd8 Kakutaiki. We extend our condolences to his deshi and his family.

Aki Day 8 – Bouts from the lower divisions

Look who is kachi-koshi!

Today we have a relatively short selection of videos, as one of my main sources decided to visit the Kokugikan rather than sit in front of her TV and film the bouts with her phone. Can’t blame her, getting a ticket for nakabi is quite a feat!

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Aki Day 7 – Bouts from the lower divisions

Hoshoryu. Sometimes famous uncles are not a good thing.

Here we are again, nearing the half-way line, many rikishi have completed their fourth match in the lower divisions, and some of them even collected their kachi-koshi or make-koshi already.

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