Makushita Yusho!

The deciding bout between heavy favorite Ms1w Kinbozan and Ms38 Yoshii did not go to form. The underdog shifted at the tachiai, used this to get a grip, and employed that grip to pull a throw, which Kinbozan attempted to counter. The gumbai went to Kinbozan, a monoii ensued, and the replay showed Yoshii landing a split second later than his opponent, giving him the match and the title. Yoshii is just 18, but he has already spent 3 years in professional sumo, most of it in Makushita, after turning pro straight from middle school. This is by far his best tournament, and will vault him all the way up into the Ms1-Ms5 promotion zone. Despite the loss, Kinbozan’s promotion to Juryo should be assured, barring COVID-related banzuke weirdness.

In other promotion zone action, Ms1e Takakento (4-3) won his crossover bout with J12w Yago (4-9), and the two are likely to trade divisions next time. Tomorrow, Ms2e Roga and Ms2w Kanno, both 4-2, will try to join him in their own “exchange bouts” against J11w Tochimaru (5-8) and J11e Kaisei (4-9), respectively.

In Juryo, the absent Ishiura is facing certain demotion. Yago now seems set to join him, while Kaisei and Tochimaru’s fates hang in the balance. Everyone else should be safe, leaving no room for additional promotions from Makushita, again barring COVID-related banzuke weirdness.

Oh, and down in Sandamne, former Ozeki Asanoyma did not blink in clinching his expected 7-0 yusho. He should be ranked in or near the extended Ms1-Ms15 promotion zone in September, and will start the Aki basho as the heavy favorite for the Makushita yusho.

One thought on “Makushita Yusho!

  1. That was a close decision on this one. I was just a little bit hopeful for a torinaoshi. Very happy for both men. Yoshii gets a yusho but Kinbozan’s promotion is probably the best prize.


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