Sumo Kaboom! Kachi-Koshi Bingo Cards Up

I’ve got mixed feelings about this upcoming tournament. We’ve got a rash of kyujo from Covid-19, including the Dai-Yokozuna, Hakuho. Kakuryu is likely in but his body is not and his confidence is low. We may be days away from retirement. I had such hopes for 2021 to start out with an amazing Yokozuna showdown on senshuraku. That will not happen.

Andy’s Kachi-Koshi Bingo Card

At the same time, though, this tournament could raise spirits for those needing something positive. And the Japan Sumo Association is in dire need of positive cash flow. But Covid-19 infections are spiking not just in Japan, but around the world. Having sumo to turn to may help us. The Kyokai has done this safely and with the proper precautions, they can do it again. I hope.

To help me get into this, Sumo Kaboom! has published their Bingo cards. The link is on their Instagram page. I have picked up mine. Right off, I’ve got Hakuho in the top corner square. I’m still very hopeful that a few good wins to start the tournament will bring back Kakuryu’s confidence and that award-winning smile. If so, that line of Kakuryu through Aoiyama may be a winner. However, I think Hoshoryu through Takakeisho will be my best bet. I may actually get a bingo this time around!

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  1. Also, I know these days Terunofuji is as close to a free space as you’re gonna get, but come on, this needs a free space….

    Which should be called masu


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