Hatsu Basho 2021 update – Yokozuna Kakuryu kyujo

Unfortunately, we saw that coming. Despite strong threats on his survival as a yokozuna, Kakuryu never made it clear he would actually participate in 2021’s first Basho, and raised lasting concerns about his body condition.

So the news just came. Yokozuna Kakuryu is kyujo for the Hatsu Basho 2021.

Yokozuna Kakuryu is kyujo

Fans wishing for a fantastic finale at the January tournament will be left disappointed. Indeed, we learned yesterday that the full Miyagino heya wouldn’t participate, too, meaning Hakuho is also sidelined. But contrary to his rival, Hakuho’s chance of having another free card, for now, are higher.

Kakuryu’s news also mean we’ll witness yet another nokozuna this tournament.

It may well not be the only one in 2021, unfortunately.

17 thoughts on “Hatsu Basho 2021 update – Yokozuna Kakuryu kyujo

  1. This plays into Takakeisho’s cards perfectly as his chances of winning back to back tournaments increased exponentially. Whether he deserves promotion is up for discussion, but he must be the happiest rikishi out there right now

  2. I’d be fine with keisho as yoko if he wins this basho convincingly beating terunofuji, asanoyama, shodai in impressive fashion along the way. If he wins with luck and a difficult play off then I’d probably prefer him not to get it yet. Either way I’m just so happy that it seems we are getting a basho. Sucks Hakuho and Kakuryu aren’t competing but for a moment there it seemed there would be no basho at all.

  3. If he was gonna intai then he would have just done that. I think he’s tactically leaving the decision in the YDC’s hands, if they recommend it then he will do it, if not then maybe he’ll show up next tournament.

    • With the Covid situation + Hakuho’s excused kyujo, I agree. It’s show up in Osaka with a mawashi, or a suit.

  4. So if the basho goes forward, I guess we’ll find out how much weight a YDC warning actually carries.

  5. After reading this news I threw up a little in my mouth because it’s now inevitable that Butterball will be the next Yokozuna. You can bet he’ll get all the “help” he needs to win this basho and he’ll be the next JSA promoted fraud just like Kisenosato was.

    Oh for the days of Akebono/Takanohana/Musashimaru/Asashoryu.

    • But, odds are, even if he IS promoted, he’ll have a better record than Kisenosato did as yokozuna.

    • I don’t see the inevitability. It wasn’t really Hakuho (2021 version), Kakuryu and Wakatakakage who were going to stop him winning the yusho. It’s more important if Asanoyama, Shodai and Terunofuji are fit – they are all worthy opponents.

  6. At this point, it has become a bit delusional to think that Kakuryu will be ready to compete in March. His ability to fight is deteriorating, not improving, with these serial absences.

    • Totally agree. The man had six months or so to heal, and he fails to even show up. Come on. That’s enough


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