Opening New 2019 Sumo Cards!

Hello sumo fans! I’m back with another sumo card opening video. This time I have six packs of the brand new 2019 sumo card series, and 2019 may be the best series yet. To get your own sumo cards, or anything else sumo related, head on over to The shop’s owner, Robert, is a dedicated sumo fan and is working to make sumo merch more accessible to fans in North America and abroad.

Stay tuned for the beginning of a new series of informative videos starting next week!

If you have any suggestions for things I could cover or videos you want to see, please comment and let me know. LiamLovesSumo is a youtube channel made by a sumo fan, for sumo fans!

3 thoughts on “Opening New 2019 Sumo Cards!

  1. Hi Liam – where are these sold in Japan? Heading there in April and keen to pick up a few packs.

    • I know that the online store I order mine from gets them from the Kokugikan. But you may be able to find them in stores that sell trading cards.


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