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We learned the other day that Takakeisho was denied an Ozeki promotion, for now. Obviously, it’s on him to perform well in March with potential promotion for May. In truth, he’s not the only wrestler on an Ozeki run. He’s also not the only wrestler on an Ozeki run with the strength of a yusho on his résumé.

Tamawashi enters the next tournament on 22 wins of the 33 “standard”. 10 wins is likely a bubble number but it would be very difficult to deny promotion with a repeat of 13 wins, however unlikely that may seem. Add Tochinoshin’s kadoban status to the mix and the composition of the Ozeki corps could be very different by summer.

So, how many Ozeki do you think there will be in May? Guess the correct number of ozeki for the May tournament, in banzuke order, and I will select one of the correct answers and send you a T-Shirt of your choice from the Tachiai Shop. My guess is five Ozeki: O1E Goeido (+ Osaka yusho), O1W Tochinoshin, O2E Takayasu, O2W Takakeisho, O3E Tamawashi.

24 thoughts on “Ozeki Prediction Contest

  1. I hope it comes to pass like that, because one of the things that’s made me uneasy for the past year has been who would be the next rikishi to get a rope, and could we actually have a yokozuna-less banzuke, even if for one basho?

    • There was almost a year without a Yokozuna back in 1992. Anyway, the addition of Tamawashi to the roster would not really help in that direction – he is just as old as the existing Yokozuna and even if he somehow manages two yusho in a row (when he only had his first Yusho at this late stage) he would probably not be a long-lived Yokozuna. You really need young Ozeki for that.

  2. Tamawashi has 22 wins over the last two basho, not 24. And it’s not clear how much 9-6 at M2 in Kyushu “counts” since it wasn’t in sanyaku (and one of those victories was by fusen). I’m guessing his number is 12, especially after they just failed to promote Takakeisho with 9, 13, 11, all in sanyaku.

  3. You mean rhe number of Ozeki entering, or the number of Ozeki completing the May tournament? Or would the latter be another contest? 😉

    • Well, maybe not either. The number and order on the banzuke for May. I imagine there could be a kyujo Ozeki who would not start the tournament but would still be on the banzuke as Ozeki.

  4. I don’t do Twitter so here is my prediction: 4 Ozeki: O1E-Takayasu, O2E-Goeido, O1W-Takakeisho, O2W-Tamawashi

    • I think this is technically impossible. I don’t think a Shin.Ozeki can move past any remaining Ozeki, even if they are Kadoban

  5. O1E Takayasu
    O1W Goeido

    (Not entering the contest, just predicting for funsies. That’s a gloomy prediction for “funsies” though.)

  6. Not much love for Tochinoshin here! But I have faith!

    O1e Takayasu O1w Goeido O2e Tochinoshin O2w Takakeisho

  7. A Tamawashi Ozeki promotion is certainly a very bold prediciton. They didn’t promote Takakeisho who is young, promising, japanese and very popular. Tamawashi is none of those things.

    My prediciton is:
    O1E Takayasu, O1W Goeido, O2E Tochinoshin, O2W Takakeisho

    • But they did promote Tochinoshin, who is also none of these things (popularity in Georgia doesn’t count, really). I don’t think it has anything to do with popularity. They seem unconvinced about Takakeisho’s ability to carry his sumo very far.

      • I think the Goeido bout DID freak them, like they said because Tochinoshin got promoted and instantly had injuries flare up; same with Kise. So I think they want to see one more Ozeki-worthy basho.

      • Tochinoshin left no doubt with his performance—he had 37 wins over 3 tournaments, which matched the highest total since 1958 for an Ozeki run, and was only accomplished 3 previous times in ~60 Ozeki promotions.

    • i agree with your prediction.
      definitely hope Tochinoshin gambarizes and clears kadoban in march.
      and the young cannon ball gotta do it this time too! we need fresh blood.

  8. My prediction is the exact same as what’s on the March banzuke. Technically that means it might not be what I expect if they screw around with the March banzuke, but I’ll take that risk.

  9. I do not think there are enough wins to go around for the hopefuls and Tochinoshin to all make the rank. For May I predict Takayasu has less pressure and more support and comes out 1e, Goeido holds the line 1w. Tochinoshin makes it a hard slog and barely makes the cut by beating both Takayasu and Goeido. He still lands at 2e. No one can handle Takakeisho’s speed and focus, with Hakuho missing he wins a second yusho. Tamawashi gets hurt, everyone is surprised. 1e Takayasu , 1w Goeido, 2e Tochinoshin, 2w Takakeisho, Tamawashi K. That said I doubt Tochinoshin will be at rank come next New Years. His amazing run cost his body, he will not get the time to heal fully. I hope I am wrong about that.


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