Kyushu Day 11 Results


They Turned It to 11

As posted earlier, the major news from Day 11 was that the undefeated leader of the basho, Yokozuna Kakuryu, was bested by Kisenosato in a rowdy, running bout that featured the Ozeki throwing Kakuryu at the edge of the ring.

As a result, a broad number of rikishi are now in connection for the tournament championship, including first time Makuuchi sumotori, Ishiura, down at Maegashira 15. Believe it or not, Ishiura is part of the three-way tie for leadership at the end of day 11. On day 11, the schedulers for the basho gave him Myogiryu (Maegashira 9) to play with, but Ishiura once again deployed a Harumafuji brand mini-henka.

Where does this basho go from here? With 4 days left there are 5 rikishi who could conceivable win. The Japan Sumo Kyokai would like nothing better than a 5 way brawl at the end, as their desired drama of a Yokozuna run was dismantled by a bad call, and even their Ozeki hopeful, Takayasu, fizzled out. To drive ratings, they need drama, so drama they will have.

Look for Ishiura to get a couple of really tough matches, may I suggest Takarafuji and Tochinoshin? Or maybe serve that up with a side of Yoshikaze?


Daishomaru defeats Ichinojo – The giant sumo robot from the future looked slow and hungover, or maybe his latest software update is not downloading correctly

Sokokurai defeats Chiyoshoma – great, even match from the start. Winning move was a huge power lift from Sokokurai that looked fantastic, and likely hurt as Chiyoshoma ends up in the salt box

Ishiura defeats Myogiryu – Henka-lite again today. I am surprised that Myogiryu fell for it. Do what Chyonofuji would do, stand up, step forward one step, keeping your weight back. If Ishiura jumps to the side, grab his belt and make him pay

Tochinoshin defeats Nishikigi – Significant reversal in Tochinoshin after that monoii that robbed him of a clear win on day 8. He seems to reverted to his very strong, physical style. Sadly Nishikigi now make-koshi

Chiyonokuni defeats Kotoyuki – I am very happy to see Chiyonokuni rally. He had a terrible start to the basho.

Shodai defeats Ikioi – Clumsy extra step at the edge hands Ikioi the loss after a monoii. This one was not even close. Shodai picks up his kachi-koshi

Yoshikaze defeats Endo – Good lord! The Berserker completely dismantled Endo, and looked really solid doing it.

Kaisei defeats Mitakeumi – Kaisei finally gets his first win! Mitakeumi had nothing today, a marked change.

Goeido defeats Terunofuji – Wow, the Goeido we loved from Aki is back indeed. Focused, powerful and committing everything to offense. He overwhelmed Terunofuji. That monoii really agitates me, without it Goeido would be in contention for the yusho, and possibly promotion. Goeido earns his kachi-koshi. Nice stare down to start things off, too!

Harumafuji defeats Kotoshogiku – So very happy that Harumafuji is once again showing us Yokozuna class sumo. Kotoshogiku was no match for him, and is now kadoban again after dropping this match.

Hakuho defeats Takayasu – As predicted, Hakuho did everything to keep Takayasu moving and off balance. Hakuho controlled the bout from the tachiai, and Takayasu never had a chance to do anything other than chase Hakuho around. Sadly the final move may have injured Takayasu, which would be a shame.

Kisenosato defeats Kakuryu – The match of the day, well documented in an earlier thread. This victory is monumental in its impact, and will energize the remaining 4 days of this tournament.

2 thoughts on “Kyushu Day 11 Results

    • I am not sure how Terunofuji is doing it, but he must have incredible pain tolerance. Watching his kneed progressively fester is similar to watching Yoshikaze’s face during Aki. You just have to wonder how bad all of that is.

      I was delighted to see him defeat Hakuho on day 12, and remove his kadoban status. I don’t think anyone would slight him if he went kyujo now, but my guess he is going to finish the last 3 days of the basho.


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