Kisenosato Defeats Kakuryu


Ozeki Blows Yusho Race Wide Open!

In another stunning match, Kisenosato re-asserts himself as the Ichiban Ozeki, defeating his second Yokozuna in as many days. This time it was the undefeated leader of the Kyushu basho – Kakuryu.

The horrific monoii, and reversal against Goeido on day 8 looms ever larger in light of Kisenosato’s win today. Without that disastrous call, Goeido would be part of the chase group at 9-2, rather than a long shot at 8-3.

Thanks to Kisenosato  (the Great Pumpkin), the final third of the Kyushu basho is likely to be a barn-storming, mayhem-fueled festival of high stakes sumo.


  • Leaders: Harumafuji, Kakuryu, Ishiura
  • Chasers: Hakuho, Kisenosato
  • Hunt Group: Goeido, Shodai, Arawashi

4 matches remain

Full write up of results later today

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