Kyushu Day 6 Preview


Starting the Second Chapter

The first third of Kyushu is in the books, and now the basho moves into climbing gear. The stars have had their warm ups, the lower ranks have sorted the promising from the rest, and the story lines are set. Now its the time that dreams are affirmed and hearts are broken.

Hakuho is still not quite right. Yes, he is winning like mad, but go watch his bouts. He’s not moving around as much as before his injury. Now this may be one of the greatest Yokozuna in history adapting his style to match what is body can do, and still winning, but his matches will start to become more challenging now.

Takayasu is all but done with any chance of Ozeki this tournament. He is a solid Sekiwake, but he needs a bit more time to improve. I doubt it will be more than 2 more basho before we see him promoted

Goeido was even more sloppy day 5 than he was in the prior 4. There is a lot of worry here for the possibilities of Japan’s first native Yokozuna in more than a decade.

Kakuryu is for real this time, don’t overlook him – he’s strong, ready and has a lot of revenge to deliver.

  • Undefeated: Kakuryu, Hakuho, Goeido, Sokokurai
  • Chasers: Harumafuji, Kisenosato, Shodai, Ikioi, Chiyoshoma, Ishiura

Notable Matches, Day 6

Ishiura vs Daishomaru – Time for Ishiura to face some tougher opponents. If he’s the real deal, he will rise to the challenge

Sokokurai vs Chiyootori – Undefeated Sokokurai will face increasingly steep challenges. Everyone wants to see how good he really is. I think he is better than his current rank suggests, lets see how high he can go.

Shohozan vs Ikioi – Could be a really big, good match today. Both men have been doing well, and showing some very good sumo.

Takayasu vs Aoiyama – I am sure Aoiyama is in a really bad mood. Scheduling made him a non-stop chew toy for the upper ranks all week, and he’s been fighting back strong. Now he faces Takayasu, who is looking a bit off his game. I would like to see these two really work out their frustrations… through feats of strength

Goeido vs Tamawashi – Tamawashi delivered a damaging blow to Takayasu’s Ozeki dreams on day 5, what will he do to Goeido’s Yokozuna dreams on day 6? Tamawashi has been putting forth maximum effort, so he should give Goeido a good match.

Kisenosato vs Mitakeumi – I think Mitakeumi has a real chance to surprise Kisenosato, who has been winning matches quietly.

Kakuryu vs Yoshikaze – I am a big fan of Yoshikaze. I have his tegata on my wall. But I am pretty sure Kakuryu is going to rough him up.

Harumafuji vs Shodai – Shodai! Watch your neck!

Hakuho vs Endo – Endo, don’t let him reel you in and pull you down. Move and strike, let’s see if the boss is mobile. Today is not Hakuho’s birthday, he doesn’t need to win.

2 thoughts on “Kyushu Day 6 Preview

  1. So there was a bit of a sumo fan’s reason for picking that photo, and the comment about Hakuho. That picture was him abusing Endo on Hakuho’s birthday this year. Hence the comment – “It’s not his birthday, so you don’t have to let him win”.

    But you raise a question I have been wondering about, and watching slow motion replays over. Just how recovered is the Boss? He has buffaloed everyone really well until today. Now I worry that Yoshikaze, who has to be about as frustrated as Aoiyama, may take Hakuho on a run-and-gun tour of the dohyo. Good for my favorite, Yoshikaze, if he does.


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