Day 6 News – Upsets And Surprises


As predicted, the basho put it into gear on day 6, and a lot of great matches re-shuffled the ranks. A few notables

Tamawashi harpooned another dream, this time it was Goeido who took a loss from Tamawashi. This guy is the giant killer this tournament. The other rikishi should take him seriously. Goeido was all over the place, and made it easy for Tamawashi.

Endo put Hakuho on defensive, got him on the move and defeated him. I had suspected his mobility was still weak given the nature of his surgery in September, and Endo would seem to have exploited that. What a fantastic victory for Endo! Let the cushions fly!

Aoiyama took out his frustrations on Takayasu, as I predicted he might. Takayasu never got organized in that match, and Aoiyama just kept attacking. A great win for Aoiyama, and this loss ends any Ozeki talk for Takayasu this tournament.

Kakuryu remains undefeated – Yes that’s right. Everyone was calling for Kakuryu to consider retirement in the past few basho, now he is 6-0. This time Kakuryu is healthy, strong and ready to silence critics. He is now the man to beat.

To review:
° Goeido – Yokozuna run in danger
° Takayasu – Ozeki run demolished
° Hakuho – Revealed to be somewhat degraded from his feared form.
° Kakuryu – Undefeated

Leader Board

  • Undefeated: Kakuryu
  • Chasers: Harumafuji, Hakuho, Goeido, Kisenosato, Ikioi, Chiyoshoma, Sokokurai, Ishiura
  • Hunt Group: Terunofuji, Tamawashi, Endo, Shodai, Arawashi, Chiyootori

Note – Osunaarashi remains undefeated in Juryo, he is determined to return to Makuuchi indeed!

6 thoughts on “Day 6 News – Upsets And Surprises

  1. I am thrilled to see Kakuryu leading this and competing at such a high level. Endo, Ishiura, and Tamawashi are total surprises. Kisenosato is lurking with one loss. Where did this Terunofuji emerge? Today was an impressive bout while the other day he seemed to have no strength in his knees. Even with the win today, Giku seems to be fading.

  2. I am so happy to see Terunofuji competitive, I was really worried he was done for. Shhh! don’t tip anyone off about Kisenosato! Imagine he were to Yusho, and Goeido Jun-Yusho? Oh man would that send the YDC into fits.

    I am eager to see if Endo and give Kakuryu a challenge on Saturday. I hope that Jason (of the amazing youtube channel fame) had a day of great bouts, as I am pretty sure he is in person for Saturday.

    To the flock of folks who may be seeing the site for the first time – welcome!

    • Yeah, well I did say I wanted to help promote the sport of sumo to a wider audience, maybe a few folks will take interest

  3. I’m a new visitor to your site. I noticed just in time that NHK World is streaming a daily highlights package, so this is the first sumo tournament I will follow, and your commentary is very useful in understanding what is happening. I was lucky enough to attend one day in person in Tokyo a couple of years ago, shortly after Endō went professional. I’m pleased to see him performing well this week!

    • Thank you for your kind words. Personally I think Sumo is capable of a global appeal, and part of the mission of this site is to bring sumo information, and by extension the enjoyment of sumo to a larger english speaking audience.

      We have heard rumors that NHK is going to expand their world sumo offering starting in 2017, and if true I will be very happy to watch it.

      Thanks again for stopping by, and welcome to Tachiai!


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