Kyushu Storyline #2: Endo or Shodai?

The Kyushu basho features a great matchup at Maegashira #3. Endo looks healthy and is coming off a jun-yusho and technique special prize. Shodai had a respectable 7-8 showing at Maegashira #2. He started off getting pounded by yokozuna and ozeki. This tournament should be a bit easier with Sekiwake-Komusubi matchups to start. I’m looking forward to this…but these guys have a rough time at these ranks. Based on past performance, I’m expecting 6-9 (if healthy). Anyone want to place a wager on which of these two has the best record at the end of the tournament? Any takers on the head-to-head?

One thought on “Kyushu Storyline #2: Endo or Shodai?

  1. Just like when I hesitate between two outfits to eventually realize that neither suits me… however I will opt for Shôdai. Endô never underwent surgery for his injuries so he’s not flawless.


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