Kyushu Storyline #1: Will Terunofuji Survive As Ozeki?

Isegahama oyakata has his own doubts over Terunofuji’s knees. He can drive forward but can’t retreat or pivot effectively. Apparently there’s been quite a bit of embarrassment over the fact that he ended the last tournament on a 9-bout losing streak. However, that’s not been his worst performance this year. Back in March he went on a 13-bout schneid. In between these he achieved kachi-koshi in May on one of those final day prayer bouts. Anything less than 8 wins will result in demotion. Conversely, anything more than 7 wins may result in suspicion. Here’s to a healthy Terunofuji…or pulling out of the tournament. In 2002, Kaio pulled out of the November after day 4 and missed all of the January 2003 basho yet returned -still as Ozeki – in March.

2 thoughts on “Kyushu Storyline #1: Will Terunofuji Survive As Ozeki?

  1. On the latest photos he seems in good physical and mental condition, but…
    From the beginning I’ve always thought he would be perfect with 15 kilos less… Ichinojo did it and this will surely fix some of his problems.


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