Kyushu Storyline #3: Sinkhole

92317504_851409a7-d43f-4833-ba61-9f1244b25673Sumo has arrived in Fukuoka but someone forgot to get the roads outside Hakata station ready for the extra weight. Ichinojo stepped outside and the Earth gave way. Seriously, this would be quite a sight to see. If you’ve got photos or video, tweet them and I’ll try to retweet when I get home. Fortunately Hakata station isn’t that close to the Fukuoka Kokusai Center.


2 thoughts on “Kyushu Storyline #3: Sinkhole

  1. Having seen and enjoyed Shin-Godzilla, this is an ominous sign. No doubt at least a dozen government bureaus are having round-the-clock meetings trying to figure out what to do.


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