Fall Tournament 2015, Day 15: Headlines!

There are several story lines coming out of this month’s basho. Caution, spoilers follow:

  1. Kakuryu Yusho – wins in playoff, controversial henka attempts nearly backfire
  2. Special Prizes:
    1. Shokun-sho (Outstanding Performance Award) – Yoshikaze
    2. Kanto-sho (Fighting Spirit Award) – Tochinoshin & Ikioi
    3. Gino-sho (Technique Award) – Yoshikaze
  3. Goeido kadoban
  4. Kotoshogiku on fire
  5. Various key injuries including Hakuho & Harumafuji and how well will they heal. Even Terunofuji and Osunaarashi are late additions to the list