Story Line #2: Special Prizes

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Four special prizes were given out today. Yoshikaze’s brilliant tournament earned him the Outstanding Performance and Technique awards. It’s been exactly one year since a technique prize was even given out. And as with Aminishiki from last year, Yoshikaze used six different winning techniques to amass his wins. However, last year Aminishiki only had 10 wins to 13 from Ichinojo’s stellar debut. This time around, Yoshikaze’s 11 wins, including two gold stars for defeating both Hakuho and Kakuryu, were enough for the Outstanding Performance Award. It’s a safe bet he’ll be taking the komusubi slot vacated by Okinoumi.

Ikioi and Tochinoshin also had stellar tournaments and were both given Fighting Spirit prizes. Ikioi is no stranger to double-digit wins. He’s picked up 11 wins in three tournaments over the past two years, and 10 wins twice. But he struggles mightily in the following tournament, never picking up a kachi-koshi. Only twice has he even been able to get six wins. For Tochinoshin, this marks his first winning record at a sanyaku rank. He will likely remain at the komusubi rank next tournament despite his excellent record. If they do make room for three sekiwake, that will afford one more sanyaku position for either Osunaarashi or Ichinojo – but I doubt it.

We have to go back more than three years to see four special prizes handed out like today. That was also an auspicious tournament as newly retired Kyokutenho won that tournament.

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