Storyline #5: Injuries

“Sometimes…everybody’s hurt…sometimes…” – REM (paraphrased)

Screenshot (141)This is a rough sport. I wish everyone well in recovering from their injuries. The best tournament is when everyone’s healthy. When the greatest in the sport has to sit out, it’s just not the same. Well, before I start listening to Bette Midler or John Waite, I’ll just wish everyone to Get Well Soon!

Storyline # 4: Kotoshogiku On Fire


Kotoshogiku was on fire this tournament. At 11-4, he tied with Kisenosato, Ikioi, and Yoshikaze – just behind Kakuryu and Terunofuji. He’s still very one dimensional, though. I really wish he’d learn to do something other than jack-rabbit yorikiri/oshidashi/oshitaoshi. He comes hard out of the gate and tries to blast the opponent out. Too many sanyaku and a growing number of maegashira are ready for this, or his knees seem to be giving him issues. If he’d develop some belt throw techniques, he’d be a more formidable opponent.