Story Line #1: Yusho Winner!

Championship Tachiai

So as not to spoil the winner for those who may be following on Twitter, I’m not going to give things away in the headlines. There are many big story lines to come out of today’s bouts and this month’s basho. The most important one to me is the yusho winner and I imagine not everyone had a chance to watch live or has seen the replays yet. To find out the yusho winner, click below:

Kakuryu's win
Kakuryu’s win

Kakuryu won his second yusho, first as yokozuna. He was clearly desperate to win and congratulations to the yokozuna for pulling it off. I was quite surprised at the strength Terunofuji demonstrated in the previous bout given his weak knee. At the tachiai, Kakuryu squatted low and got both hands on the ozeki’s belt. He was then able to take advantage of Terunofuji’s weak right leg by spinning and throwing him to the ground.

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