Fall Tournament, Day 3: Yusho Officially Wide Open

Hakuho is officially out of the tournament, citing injury. Tochi-from-Kochi is looking strong. Kisenosato picked up a win over an apparently one-legged and winless Sadanofuji. Osunaarashi put in an amazing effort against Terunofuji in possibly the match of the day. Sadly, they don’t give points for effort so Terunofuji got the endurance win as he drove through the tiring Egyptian. Myogiryu withstood a strong nodowa attack from Kotoshogiku and to stay in the leadership hunt.

Terunofuji Outlasts Osunaarashi
Terunofuji Outlasts Osunaarashi

Tochinoshin picked up his first win in another really disappointing loss for Goeido. Goeido was sent quickly off-balance and into the crowd after a strong tachiai. The upset of the day was certainly Kakuryu losing to Yoshikaze with a strong oshidashi push-out victory.


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