And Then There Were Three…

Sorry for the late and abbreviated post today. Life gets in the way during the week to sit down and post. The leadership field will be narrowed as Tochiozan will face Kisenosato, so there will be at least one left undefeated. If Terunofuji beats Sadanoumi, he’ll stay undefeated. It’s no small task as he was the big surprise two tournaments ago with early victories over Terunofuji AND Tochiozan AND Harumafuji AND Tochinoshin. Terunofuji looks dominant and Kisenosato seemed a bit vulnerable today but Aoiyama stepped out. Tochinoshin does well against Myogiryu and today was no exception, dropping the sekiwake from the leaders.

On the injury front, Takayasu’s out from his bad fall against Ichinojo and Sadanofuji should go out as soon as he gets his makekoshi. He’s fighting on one leg.

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