Terunofuji Yusho!!! New Ozeki!!! Fighting Spirit (Kanto-Sho)!!!

No playoff! Harumafuji got his first win over Hakuho since last year, and it was brilliant! Hakuho was SO CLOSE to forcing a playoff with a quick yorikiri win but Harumafuji used all his strength and guile on the edge to regain position and eventually get the thrilling yoritaoshi victory to the delight of the crowd. Admittedly, there will be a bit of an asterisk on this yusho as Terunofuji did not have to face Harumafuji, Kakuryu, or Goeido. Terunofuji was dominant against Aoiyama…but he’d have his hands full with a healthy Goeido, his stablemate Harumafuji, or the injured Kakuryu. Hakuho is still the superzuna, his 35th title merely delayed.

Imagine this, an ozeki (champion) who has actually won a yusho! Kisenosato and Goeido get their credit on this one, taking down Hakuho in turn. Hakuho, Harumafuji, and Kisenosato tie for second. Kotoshogiku rightfully kadoban. Kisenosato, despite wrestling for only pride as Terunofuji’s previous win already nullified hopes of a massive playoff, finished off the ineffective Kotoshogiku.

Filling out the sanyaku banzuke will be interesting. With Terunofuji’s promotion, I’m guessing Ichinojo and Tochiozan move to sekiwake with their winning records. Takarafuji and Tochinoshin deserve komusubi slots with their 9-6 records. The question will be whether Myogiryu drops out of the sanyaku with his 7-8 record, or if he’s given a third komusubi slot. His 7 wins included victories over Harumafuji, Kisenosato, and Ichinojo.

2 thoughts on “Terunofuji Yusho!!! New Ozeki!!! Fighting Spirit (Kanto-Sho)!!!

  1. My first thought was that Terunofuji should have had another Basho at Sekiwake before getting the Ozeki promotion (what with his 8-7 from M1 being part of his Oz Run) but then I realized he now has more yusho than all three other Ozeki combined, so yeah… he deserves to be at the rank. Waiting another Basho would have just delayed the inevitable, I reckon.

    • It is great to have a ozeki with a title. I just wish he could have faced Kakuryu & Goeido. I think he would have won but with 3 Isegahama wrestlers in the sanyaku and Aminishiki in the upper maegashira, a lot of strong wrestlers are not going to be able to compete against each other.


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